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Whether you room a veteran player or brand new to Team ICO's Shadow of the Colossus game, well done for making it to the last boss! thousands of players global are enjoy it the playstation 4 work again, please again of this gorgeous game, v its stunning world, enchanting storyline, and beautiful initial soundtrack.

Now hover has destroyed 15 Colossi, and the just thing standing between him and bringing the woman he loves back from the dead is the final Colossus, Malus.


Malus, nicknamed "Evis" by the developers, is the tallest of all the Colossi and also although he cannot move, he have the right to fire deadly projectiles. This is an short article on just how to find and also defeat him.

“Finally, the critical colossus... The routine is practically over... Thy great is nearly granted... Yet someone currently stands to get in your way... Do haste, for time is short...”

Malus is the most southern Colossus, and at first, it might seem that Wander's knife light is directing you back to the very first monster friend faced. However, gallop in the direction of the cliff course on the left of where you met Valus; it's a gap between two cliffs that will certainly take you come a wide-open plain.

You will be able to spot the foreboding-looking mountain in the distance quite soon, yet there room a couple of shrines surrounding where friend can get some last-minute rises to your maximum stamina (which is considerably needed for this mission).

The very first shrine you see is close to Kuromori, for this reason it's most likely you currently got the lizard tail here. There is one more shrine top top the right, in square F7. As usual, catch and eat the white lizard tail and then pray at the shrine to note its location. Over there is also a tree just south of the shrine whereby you can acquire some power bar boosting fruit.

There is one more shrine at D7, and also a rock formation in square E8 that has actually a white-tailed lizard running about on it. After you've gathered all that these and also you have a nice extension to her stamina, it's time to face the last Colossus!

Go v the pillar-like structures on the south mountain and stand top top the stone plate. Organize up your knife to bright the irradiate onto the plate on the door and also it will certainly open.

Inside is yet an additional shrine, so the can't hurt to stop here, save, and also eat the lizard tail. After ~ that, head increase the rock steps top top Agro and throughout the bridge. Be sure to go at a gallop.

After the cutscene, climb up the mountain, v the room with rock steps, and also up the pillar to confront Malus.

Latching On

There are several procedures you need to take to take to reach Malus and make your way up him. Firstly, hide behind the rock wall. As shortly as you get in the battlefield, the Colossus will fire projectiles at Wander. It's imperative the he is never exposed because that long sufficient to it is in hit by them, since they're very powerful.

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Make your means along and also jump under the hole on the right. Monitor the path, and when you're in ~ ground level again, be certain to hide behind walls, please pillars, or other obstacles. Stop L2 is additionally useful for keeping an eye ~ above the Colossus' location.