Enter the Castle

It"s time come storm the castle! or at the very least play make believe with kid-sized, Lara Craft. ~ the cutscene, revolve around and check the base of the tree for the Relic - White Queen and also then head towards the various other tree in the yard to spot exact same targets

These targets are component of the challenge - Bullseye, which you can finish by detect a round load in the "playground" area and also tossing it at every target. There are three targets about the 2nd tree, in plain sight, and a fourth hanging indigenous the tree through the relic at it"s base.

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Find the White Queen

Enter the library, throughout from the balcony whereby Lara end up, and feel free to examine out the artefacts lining the wall surfaces - particularly the two huge ones marked "Croft personal Collection" top top either next of the area. Once you"re ready to continue, head come the elaborate globe and also rotate the wheels till the coordinates enhance those in Lara"s drawing (30N and also 90E).


Climb the ladder approximately the mezzanine and also turn left to collect the paper - Letter to Contractor native a tiny table and also then circle approximately to the other side that the library and rotate the wheel, extending the wings of the bat.

Return downstairs and also note the two red beams of light shining ~ above the "chess" pieces below. These suggest the spots where you"ll require to move the two pieces v shields on your back.


Free the White Queen

Once the White Queen is revealed, go back to the globe and spin one of two people wheel to readjust tho coordinates and then relocate her to the "X" between the two knights.

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Cross the unknown threshold

Continue v the newly opened course to cause a cutscene and also learn an ext about Lara"s past.

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