Shalom Hartman academy of north America enriches the resources, vision, and commitment the the leader and readjust agents who shape the future the Jewish life in phibìc America. By convening professional and also lay leaders of significant communal institutions at seminars and also conferences and also through national cohort programs, SHI phibìc America empowers Jewish leader to develop new approaches come addressing the deep challenges facing their areas today. Through message study, peer learning, and interdenominational dialogue, the academy is shaping a future because that North American Jewry of pundit renaissance and also renewed inspiration.

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Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer

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475 Riverside journey Suite 1450

New York, NY 10115 USA

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Ms. Barbara Birch

Vice chairman of Development

Fundraising contact phone: (212) 268-0539

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475 Riverside journey Suite 1450

New York, NY 10115

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475 Riverside drive Suite 1450

New York, NY 10115

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The goal of the iEngage job is to respond to growing feelings of disenchantment and also disinterest towards Israel amongst an ever-increasing variety of Jews worldwide by creating a new narrative about the definition of Israel for Jewish life. This narrative will serve together a structure for a brand-new covenant in between Israel and world Jewry, elevating the currently discourse native one with a crisis-based emphasis to one rooted in Jewish values and also ideas. The core attribute of the "traditional" Israel narrative to be the precariousness that Jewish survival. In this narrative, Jewish existence, both in Israel and around the world, was regarded as threatened by inevitable and often imminent danger. One of the long-lasting effects of the Holocaust generation and also that adhering to it was the shaping that a awareness deeply suspicious and also fearful of the world. This inspired the development of a Jewish identity in which the survival and also perpetuation the the Jewish people and the defense the Jews in danger became main values. Political, economic, and cultural success amongst Jews in many communities throughout the world, coupled through a growth in their own Jewish vitality and also creativity, have reduced the compelling nature that the rigid of crisis in the stays of countless Jews. At the exact same time, over there is the success story the is Israel. Without denying the dangers that Israel still faces on a daily basis, its army power and prowess render a rigid of dilemm less meaningful. Once one adds come the equation the economic vitality of modern-day Israel, it becomes increasingly complicated to portray Israel together a weak country in dire require of assist from Jews around the world. IEngage brings with each other a team that world-leading scholars and also public intellectuals who specialization in locations such together Jewish thought, politics theory, and also international law, and who space leading forces in inventory the meanings and also significance the Zionism and Israel and communicating these ideas to Jews worldwide.Now is the time to invite Jews from about the civilization to interact in thinking around the meaning that Israel can have in their lives and how they deserve to be enriched and positively affected by the truth of a Jewish nation. Just a narrative that gives meaning to Jewish statehood and sovereignty and also that articulates a vision that Israel that resides up to the greatest standard the Jewish values, morality, and also democracy can type the basis for a brand-new covenant for Jews approximately the world. We space working to generate a conversation that will celebrate Israel for what that is and for what it will become, i beg your pardon will consequently engender a commitment to taking part in structure such one Israel.www.engagingisrael.com

Israel has end up being a polarizing subject in contemporary Jewish life, leading to alienation in between Israeli and also North American Jews. The cultivation disenchantment v Israel among members that the Jewish neighborhood is felt particularly strongly on college campuses, wherein Jewish students and also campus professionals discover themselves pressured by plank members, funders, outside organizations, and non-Jewish groups on campus.Recognizing the prominence of offering resources, content, and training to multiple aspects of the campus community, the Shalom Hartman institute of phibìc America provides an expanding selection of programmatic offerings which assistance the development of values-based conversations about Israel on campuses throughout North America. The Shalom Hartman institute joined along with Hillel: The foundation for Jewish Campus Life to produce a cutting-edge and transformative fellowship for specialists in the field. This fellowship fortifies and also equips professionals with the skills, content, and also confidence come educate and also mentor your students, particularly on concerns raised by the modern-day State of Israel.