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I'm on one OMAD diet. So of course i decide city hall Food Wars and Kitchen Nightmares is the clever decision.

I dislike myself

I find it funny just how they lost their shit end a 4 cheese pizza. Favor that's together a regular pizza

Wait... All the occasions of the display has taken place in one year? ns literally simply remembered their supposed to be very first years when they mentioned it at the end. Appears weird to think about.

Anyway this illustration was fine, mostly because it's funny to watch Eizan lose. That is, because that me, the show's best villain since he isn't too many stupid or overly dark like Azami that doesn't fit the tone of the show. He's simply a guy that you understand his goals yet you hate for how much that a douche the is. It's perfect.

I think my problem(and the biggest trouble for me v this season) is the structure of the food fight episodes. We have too much close ups the faces, no genuine crowd reactions to any kind of of it, the peanut gallery react v shitty backgrounds except for Megumi and Souma and also then we acquire Foodgasms that have actually been... Underwhelming? Yeah, that's the ideal word for it.

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Another problem that this show has is the variety of characters. Like, I choose a bulk of the characters but... There room so countless that have to be sidelined therefore we can have personalities like Momo, who space cute because that her quick that she has actually but... Quite honestly, she's a nice nothing character. Whatever. It's just me complaining.