If only you"d maintained your promisesclose

Noora and Vilde are in disagreement end sponsors because that the bus. Noora"s flatmates Eskild and Linn space introduced. Noora is make the efforts to protect against William, who has become really pushy in his breakthroughs towards her.

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ns don"t want to it is in protectedclose

William"s brothers Nikolai has actually returned to Oslo, and also Noora has difficulties with wilhelm not presenting her correctly to him. The girls discuss the reality that Jonas has been beaten up. Noora and also William view a strange meeting.

Noora, you require dickclose

The Russ celebration has actually begun. Noora is still maintaining her and William"s relationship secret from Vilde. Eskild take away on the situation to discover out if Isak is happy or not. The girls party with the third-year boys on your bus.

You"re just thinking the Williamclose

William do the efforts to explain himself to Noora after the was connected in the fight. Sana provides Noora part advice, and also Noora decides to come clean to Vilde. While searching for William, Noora ends up at Nikolai"s party.

I miss out on you so cursed muchclose

Noora wakes up nude in bed v Nikolai not remembering anything from the work before and also suspects she has actually been raped. Sana"s difficulties with some other Muslim girls gain worse.

I"ll describe everythingclose

Eskild and Linn try to cheer Noora up, but she is still taking care of last Friday. Noora reluctantly goes to Eva to celebrate may the 17th, the nationwide Day. She additionally decides to challenge Nikolai, to discover out precisely what happened.

carry out you serious remember nothing?close

Vilde access time Noora. Noora speak to among the girl from Nikolai"s party to find out the truth. Wilhelm does not answer Noora"s calls and also messages and hasn"t been checked out at school.

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will certainly you relocate in through me?close

Noora and William go ago to William"s apartment and finds a letter from the police. William is wanted for questioning because that hitting a boy with a bottle in a fight. Vilde and also Noora try to make sure no one witness versus him.