ns bought Dawnguard prior to ending a questline native Skyrim. Because of that, I often visit key cities to do some quests. Every time ns visit a city, I uncover dead body of NPCs that i talked to earlier. Yey, vampire strike AGAIN!

Maybe this NPCs aren"t so necessary for the quest lines, yet they"re making mine Skyrim experience better.

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How perform I make NPCs in cities no die indigenous vampire attacks and stop this madness?





If you don"t want to mod your game, you can collection individual NPCs essential using

setessential 1More information on utilizing that command have the right to be found here: In Skyrim, the console command to collection a monitor as crucial is no working. What am ns doing wrong?

Personally, I would certainly go v the mode iber provided. It"s no a 100% guarantee that NPCs won"t die, but it dramatically improves your survival rate, and you don"t need to walk about town applying essential commands to every NPC.


I discovered a mode that stops the vampire assaults on the cities and villages altogether:

No random Vampire assaults for Dawnguard (PC)

This is a fast fix for the annoying vampire assaults killing thetownspeople in the Dawnguard DLC.

The mode will add an amulet referred to as "Ancient Vampire Repellent". Together longas friend wear this amulet, the timer because that the following vampire strike willcontinuously set to the much future. Once you take it the amulet off, thetimer is set as if a vampire attack just happened.

V2.0 will additionally disable the "Traveler"s and also the wilderness attackswhile wearing the amulet. (The "Traveling Bard"/merchant/etc. And also the"Advisor" for the Dawnguard misc. Searches are NOT affected by this. Thequests work fine. If several of these quests suddenly auto-advance, yourtarget was currently killed through NPCs/Dragons/monsters/etc.)

Other choices are this mods:

Run because that Your stays (PC) / (Xbox One)

This mode makes many NPCs hide indoors once there"s a vampire (or dragon) attack, rather of dealing with them head-on and also possibly acquiring killed.

A little mod that renders citizens in a town or city operation indoorsduring a dragon or vampire attack.

This was born out of frustration at see the citizens every trying tobe a hero and also rushing headlong to your doom attacking dragon andvampires. Instead, the citizens will run to safety choose smart peopleshould when challenged with the horrors of huge flying fire breathinglizards (or bloodthirsty undead). NPCs that live in the assault locationwho very own a house there will retreat come it. If the attack location has aninn, NPCs who don"t live there will flee come the inn, together with anyNPCs that live outdoors. If no inn is existing the game picks a randominterior from the neighboring area and those NPCs will flee thereinstead.

This have to work for any type of NPCs included by mods together well, up to a border of150 in the area. After ~ that, they"re on your own. The NPCs chosen arefirst come, first serve by the video game engine.

Guards, members of The Companions, Vigilants of Stendarr, and theplayer"s followers/teammates will certainly not run, they will certainly stand and also fight.Farm pets will no run either, because they"re stupid. Thatincludes her horse....

Vampires will certainly be detected when the occasions that generate them beginrunning.

Protect Your people (PC)

Hate it once NPCs die from pesky dragon/vampire attacks? ...Well boyhave I obtained a mode for you. This mod saves your friendly next-door neighbors fromuntimely deaths. Technically, it flags specific NPCs Protected.

My mod protects:

unique called NPCsall vanilla childrennamed animals - all named dogs, the Stray Dog that can follow you, the goat lucky from Dragon Bridge, Gleda the Goat, the fox Pumpkinfrom Southfringe Sanctum, Frost, every Hearthfire pets, Bilgemuck, OldSalty, lord Tusknamed creatures - Grok, Moira, Melka, Uderfrykte, Sinding (werewolf)

Timing is every little thing - Quest delay and Timing regulate (PC)

Allows you to customize the beginning conditions for miscellaneous quests. Friend can pick to hold-up the begin of Dragonborn, Dawnguard, or Hearthfire quests, and also other quest events. Or friend can additionally reduce the level requirements enabling a quest to start earlier than it typically would....

Unlike the one-off quests, most of the reoccurring human being encounters will enable you to change their settings at any type of time. This is the situation with the Dawnguard Vampire attacks. Even if you"ve already begun the Dawnguard quest, you can stop further attacks by setup this value to something greater than your present level. However, I"ve likewise included settings to adjust the frequency the the arbitrarily vampire attacks, which can also be used to prevent additional attacks.

Dawnguard: You can stop random vampire strikes from decimating the population, or enable the situation to construct by raising the difference between the level in ~ which the vampire assaults start and when Dawnguard recruitment begins.

GET No much more Dead vendors (PS4) / (Xbox One)

The Dawnguard DLC is great, however one point I hate room it"s relentlessvampire attacks that leave merchants dead in your wake. As soon as dead,there"s no replacing them, resulting in you come travel an ext or offer less.Well, no more!

...As her character level up, the vampires, mages and dragons whoraid the towns acquire tougher, but they continue to be weak, making itridiculously complicated to store them alive. This mod has actually threesolutions for this:

(1) the protects every merchants, so just you have the right to kill them! once theirhealth drops to 1, they drop to one knee, and no further attacks willharm them. Yet be careful, because your familiar fire deserve to still killthem. The exemption to this are essential NPCs, who the video game makesinvulnerable to keep searches from failing. The mode adds one asterisknext to the name of each defended or important merchant, to make iteasier to acknowledge them.

(2) It levels all vendors to a maximum level of at least three timestheir starting level. Therefore they"ll level up part as your characterlevels up, help them stand your ground against the onslaught ofraiders and monsters.

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(3) It level all sellers who space potential followers to a maximumof level 90, for this reason they"ll be more helpful together partners once yourcharacter reaches higher levels.