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“Then. Now. Forever.” The WWE video leads us right into the show.

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A video clip package of Smackdown from a couple of weeks ago kicks off the show. The video shows Randy Orton informing Bray Wyatt the he pledges allegiance to him and also would not confront him in ~ Wrestlemania. That then shows clips from last Tuesday’s Smackdown Live with Randy Orton cutting a promo native Bray Wyatt’s “kingdom” whereby he claims “If friend can’t beat them, join them.” and when it’s the best time “screw them”. The video clip package then mirrors Randy Orton setup fire to the home with Bray Wyatt screaming in the ring. The clip concludes through Orton informing Wyatt he’s coming because that his location at Wrestlemania.

Shane McMahon and also Daniel Bryan kick turn off the show

Shane McMahon’s music hits together he comes down the ramp. He then points back to the stage as soon as Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the “Yes” chants errupt. McMahon welcomes the group to Smackdown Live. Shane comments about how he and Daniel Bryan have been thinking about the world title situation. Daniel Bryan states he thinks the opportunity to challenge Bray Wyatt in ~ Wrestlemania have to go come Randy Orton. Shane claims he think it have to be AJ Styles. Daniel Bryan says it’s legacy that the royal Rumble winner encounters the champion at Wrestlemania. Shane agrees but states the in the previous no Rumble winner has abdocated their chance to face the champion at Wrestlemania.

A video clip clip that Randy Orton telling Bray Wyatt he would not challenge him at Wrestlemania airs.

Shane states he wishes they knew Orton’s motives. They had to execute a battle royal to identify the number 1 challenger for Wyatt’s WWE title which AJ won. Daniel Bryan states exactly how they believed they had it all covered until Orton revealed his plan.

We then see the clip of last Tuesday’s Smackdown Live whereby Orton says he’s going because that Wyatt’s location at Wrestlemania.

Bryan states he doesn’t agree v Orton’s action but due to the fact that he won the imperial Rumble, he think he deserves his point out in the main event at Wrestlemania. But due to the fact that he and also Shane don’t agree, should it go to Randy Orton (little reaction indigenous the crowd) or have to it go to AJ layouts (louder reaction from the crowd). Shane states he knows the decision would not it is in made through a debate. That’s why tonight it will certainly be Randy Orton vs. AJ formats in a one top top one complement to determine the number 1 challenger to Bray Wyatt’s WWE location at Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan’s music hits as the segment pertains to an end.

Up next: man Cena and also Nikki Bella against Carmella and James Ellsworth.

Roy’s thoughts: A an excellent opening segment to gain the group going. The reaction indigenous the arena saw many wanting AJ layouts to win. Very tiny reaction as soon as Daniel Bryan pointed out Randy Orton yet a huge reaction from the crowd as soon as he stated AJ Styles.

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A video package hyping increase Wrestlemania in Orlando airs.

Shane and also Daniel Bryan are seen go backstage when AJ styles stops them. Styles says he’s to be wanting to speak to them every week and states there’s one “Anti Styles” conspiracy. He states he’ll do the finest of a bad situation and take out Orton. That mentions exactly how he’s no afraid the a tiny fire, a viper or them.

John Cena and also Nikki Bella vs. Carmella and James Ellsworth

James Ellsworth is in the ring and also mentions how the pan are around to view a enhance they’ll never see again. That mentions exactly how he’s defeated AJ layouts three times and he calls self the Mac dad of Smackdown Live. He states he will wipe the floor through Mr. Hustle, Loyalty and also Respect. He introduces Carmella come the ring.

John Cena’s music hits and also gets a large reaction from the crowd. Fans chanting “John Cena sucks” to the tune of his template song. He holds increase his Never give Up towel and runs come the ring. A fast feature of john Cena gift on the cover of “Muscle and Fitness” magazine is aired. Nikki’s music hits together she comes under to the ring.

Nikki Bella and Carmella start the match. The bell rings and The Miz’s song hits as he renders his method down to the ring through Maryse. With Nikki distracted, Carmella’s pulls turn off a supervisor kick and also takes she down.

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We come back from commercial through Nikki in a headlock. The Miz and also Maryse have actually joined the commentary team at ringside. Nikki gets the end of the headlock and also sends Carmella the end of the ring. She sign Cena in. Per mix tag-team rules, Ellsworth has actually to acquire in the ring. Ellsworth gets in one no, the tries to turn ago but Carmella speak him no and pushes him into Cena. Cena stands over there lauging. Ellsworth transforms around and also Cena lifts him and also drops him. Nikki gets in the ring and knocks Carmella out with a punch. Cena and also Nikki look at at each other and pull turn off the 5 knuckle shuffle on both James and also Carmella. Cena and also Nikki pull turn off the AA in ~ the exact same time. Cena puts James in the STF as Ellsworth taps out.

Winners by submission: john Cena and Nikki Bella

The Myz take away Cena through the leg and also drags him the end of the ring as he throws him onto the ring steps. Maryse take away Nikki out with a hit. The Myz it s okay in the ring and also says how he can’t take it anymore. The mentions how John Cena’s relationship with Nikki is a lie. And how the loves Maryse and also that is true love. He says he and also Maryse room the “it” pair in the WWE. Miz claims that Cena acquired jealous that it and mentioned how every one of a sudden we start hearing around Cena and Nikki’s connection on television.

Maryse take away the microphone and tells Nikki “Break that bitch” and drops the microphone.

Roy’s thoughts: A nice tiny opening match. Clearly was never ever going to be long once among Cena or Ellsworth gained tagged in. Helped build the Miz/Maryse and also Cena/Nikki feud heading right into Wrestlemania.

Backstage we see Renee Young knocking top top Orton’s door. Orton says last main he burned Wyatt’s compound to the ground. And how if he deserve to do that, AJ won’t have the ability to do noþeles to stop him from dealing with Wyatt at Wrestlemania. And if he to be AJ, he would just run.

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We come earlier with the news once much more that stack Rude will certainly be inducted right into the WWE room of Fame.

Curt Hawkins is in the ring and mentions exactly how Dean Ambrose started something last week he can’t finish. Ambrose’s music hits, Hawkins operation to the outside and also Ambrose takes him out. He it s okay in the ring, take away the microphone and also says exactly how he to be going to come out and also call Corbyn.

Curt Hawkins calls out Ambrose that calls our Corbin

Curt Hawkins is in the ring and mentions just how Dean Ambrose began something last week that can’t finish. Ambrose’s music hits, Hawkins runs to the outside and Ambrose takes that out. He gets in the ring, grabs the microphone and also says just how he was going come come out and call Baron Corbin. He claims it’s clear Corbin has no testicles because if he did, he would come out and fight him.

We see Corbin top top the huge screen. That says how he won’t come out. And also asks the why he’s in a sirloin to gain that beating. That says how he will gain Dean’s Intercontinental title. Ambrose states it to be worth a shot and exactly how if that won’t come to him, he’ll walk to Corbin. He procedures out the the ring and gives the Dirty Deeds come Hawkins.

It’s Women’s background Month and we view a clip the WWE superstar talking about Trish Stratus and also Lita’s influence on the women’s division.

Backstage, Ambrose is seen walking asking for Corbin.

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John Cena will be hosting the 2017 Kids’ an option Awards this Saturday at 8pm eastern.

We come earlier from commercial rest to view Ambrose backstage in search of Corbyn.

Mojo Rawley start the Andre the gigantic Memorial battle Royal

We reduced to one more segment backstage through Mojo Rawley. Mojo states how he’s here to have actually his Wrestlemania moment. The announces that the is the first Smackdown superstar to enter this year’s Andre the large memorial fight royal. Dolph Ziggler walks into the scene clapping. He says they don’t hand out Wrestlemania moments, you have to earn a Wrestlemania moment. Mojo asks Dolph if that’s why the doesn’t have actually one.

We go ago to Ambrose who is still in search of Baron Corbin. Corbin litter a protection guard ~ above Ambrose and also ambushes him. He hits Dean with a pipe and also tells Dean “You uncovered me, Dean. You found me”. Ambrose claims “good talk” together he’s on the floor. Corbin continues to to win on Ambrose. The puts Dean under a forklift together he it s okay in it, turns it on and also pushes the prior of the forklift ~ above Dean’s chest. Referee’s break up the assault and also push Corbin away.

WWE Smackdown Women’s champion Alexa Bliss’ song hits as she makes her way out come the ring through Mickie James. Up next is the an initial ever Blissertation.

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Alexa Bliss’ Blissertation

Bliss is in the ring and welcomes anyone to the very first ever Smackdown Live Blissertation. Alexa states she will certainly announce her adversary for Wrestlemania. However first, she claims it won’t be Naomi. It won’t be Nikki Bella. That won’t it is in Carmella. And also it absolutely won’t be Chucky however we all recognize her together Becky Lynch. She claims she’s like the Chucky doll. No matter how countless times she gets rid the her, she keeps coming back. Becky’s music hits.

Becky tells Alexa to shut it. She came out right here to make an announcement of she own. Her notice is the she is Becky Lynch, she is the woman that is walking to defeat her and take ago her women’s championship in ~ Wrestlemania. Natalya’s music hits. She speak Becky to action aside. She claims Alexa and also herself had actually a really an excellent talk last week and also came come an understanding. They are both championship caliber material. And that Becky is no in your league. Alexa interrups her and says they did not concerned an understand and she won’t be acquiring the title. She phone call Natalya there worst over there is, the worst there ever was and the worst there ever before will be.

Mickie cuts them all and also says how they are ruining Alexa’s announcement of just how she to be going come announce Mickie as her foe for Wrestlemania. Alexa says she wasn’t. Natalya bring away the microphone and also calls Mickie James ugly. All four women start saying in the ring and also Daniel Bryan’s music hits. Bryan states he and Shane to be listening to she Blissertation backstage and if they to be grading it, they would have provided it one F. That says since Alexa calls herself the greatest woman ~ above Smackdown, she will safeguard her title at Wrestlemania against every woman on the Smackdown roster. Alexa says exactly how it’s no fair and he can’t carry out that as loud “yes” chants errupt. Bryan claims he can do that, he simply did and that’s his job. And also as GM, tonight us will have actually a tag team match. Alexa Bliss and also Mickie James against Natalya and Becky Lynch. That complement is increase next.

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Alexa Bliss and also Mickie James vs. Natalya and also Becky Lynch

We come earlier and the complement is underway. Alexa and Natalya start it off through Natalya acquisition Alexa down v a headlock. Both get back up and they exchange shoves. Natalya tag Becky in. Alexa runs away and tags in Mickie James. Both females tie up. Lynch takes James down through multiple hip tosses. James it s okay up and also puts Becky in a headlock as she tags Alexa in. Alexa beats down Lynch and also steps top top her. Becky gets ago up but Alexa kicks her earlier down. She goes because that the cover, 1, 2 but Becky kicks out. Both women get up, Alexa sends Becky to the ropes and Becky kicks Alexa and takes her down. She goes for the cover however only a 2 count. Alexa rolls out of the ring. Becky jumps indigenous the ring apron and takes Bliss out v a flying fire arm. She rolls Alexa back in the ring and also hits James v a forearm. She access time Alexa v a forearm and also runs to the ropes however James trips her. Alexa goes because that the cover and also again just a 2 count.

-Commercial Break-

Back indigenous commercial break v Mickie and also Becky in the ring. James has Mickie in a head lock however Becky gets the end of it with some blows to the stomach. James tag Alexa in and also she starts assaulting Becky. V Becky on the ropes, Alexa starts choking her. She goes for the cover but only a 2 count. She tags Mickie in. Becky is in the corner however fights out through some forearms but James takes her back down v some shots come the back of the head. A knee to Becky’s back and Alexa is tagged back in. Becky fights back and kicks Alexa down. She goes for the cover however only a 2 count. One enziguri by Becky that takes Alexa down. Alexa sign James yet Becky can’t do it to Natalya. Becky start fighting back and clotheslines Becky. She it is provided a firearm to James. Natalya operation in the ring and also delivers a German suplex to her tag team partner Becky Lynch. Natalya pipeline the ring. Alexa comes in and also pins Becky because that the victory.

Winners: Alexa Bliss and also Mickie James

As both women are celebrating, James turns on Alexa and delivers a roundhouse kick and takes Bliss out.

Roy’s thoughts: A complement that appeared to drag on a little bit too long. Quite to view them traction the trigger on Mickie James turning against Alexa Bliss. Interested in seeing what type of enhance it will be at Wrestlemania together Daniel Bryan just said that Alexa Bliss would safeguard her title against every mrs in the Smackdown Live locker room.

We watch highlights from earlier when Baron Corbin assaulted Dean Ambrose backstage.

We watch highlights from earlier when Baron Corbin struck Dean Ambrose backstage. A medical update top top Dean Ambrose from the announcement team. They mention that Ambrose has broken ribs and an obstacle breathing.

Up next: AJ layouts vs. Randy Orton, the winner faces Bray Wyatt in ~ Wrestlemania.

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Talking Smack tonight with Apollo Crews, The Miz, Maryse and Alexa Bliss.

Austin Aries cut a promo backstage around how he took Neville the end last night. Tonight on 205 Live he will certainly answer every questions regarding the future that Austin Aries.

AJ layouts vs. Randy Orton

AJ Styles’ music hits as he provides his means down come the ring. That grabs the mic and welcomes anyone to Smackdown Live, “the residence that AJ formats built”. The talks around how that turned the B show into the show. And also what walk he gain in return? Nothing however disrespect. Meanwhile, Randy Orton burns under a house and also gets rewarded because that it. An AJ formats chant division out in the arena. AJ cut them and says the knows specifically who the is and what he’s doing. He was built for the main occasion of Wrestlemania. And not Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton is walk to keep him indigenous the grandest stage of them all and making that phenomenal.

AJ Styles’ music hits together he makes his method down to the ring. He grabs the mic and also welcomes everyone to Smackdown Live, “the residence that AJ styles built”. He talks about how the turned the B show into the show. And also what does he gain in return? Nothing but disrespect. Meanwhile, Randy Orton burns down a house and gets rewarded because that it. An AJ styles chant division out in the arena. AJ cuts them and says he knows exactly who the is and what he’s doing. The was constructed for the main occasion of Wrestlemania. And also not Shane McMahon, Daniel Bryan or Randy Orton is walk to save him indigenous the grandest stage of castle all and making that phenominal. Randy Orton’s music hits and also he comes down to the ring.

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The bell rings and the complement is under way. The notice team act a good job structure this match up. AJ runs towards Orton who captures him and also goes for the RKO ideal away. Styles pushes Orton away and also rolls the end of the ring. Layouts gets ago in the ring and both guys lock up. Orton takes formats to the corner and also the referfee breaks it up. Both males go to lock up however Styles rolfes under and also gets Orton in a headlock. Orton picks formats up and delivers a ship to ago suplex however Styles keeps the headlock in. Orton it s okay up and sends formats to the ropes and takes that down v a shoulder block.

Back up, lock tie up and also Styles through some punches and also takes Orton come the corner but Orton reverses it right into an ireland whip tough into the turnbuckle as Orton walk down. Orton stomps ~ above Styles and also lifts him increase in a suplex position and drops layouts onto the ropes. That goes for the cover yet only a 2 count. Orton getting in control of the match. A european uppercut through Orton to layouts in the corner. Part vicious punches to Styles but Styles delivers a kick to the back of the leg. Now it’s Styles’ rotate to dish the end the punishment. He sends Orton to the turnbuckle but Orton reverses it. That grabs Styles and also launches him across the ring as styles rolls the end to the outside. Orton follows Styles come the outside.

Orton picks formats up and drops the back very first onto the barricade. He throws Styles ago in the ring. Together Orton is obtaining in the ring, Styles attacks Orton’s leg and also takes the down. Orton rolls to the exterior of the ring stop his leg.

-Commercial Break-

Back from commercial, we see layouts attacking Orton’s leg inside the ring. He has actually Orton in a leg lock however Orton hits formats on the head and gets the end of it. Ago up in the corner, layouts tries to go for the leg again yet Orton pushes formats away. Both men obtain up again and also Styles keeps do the efforts to go for the leg but Orton pushes the away. A kick to Orton’s leg takes him down and Styles has actually Randy in a behind chin lock. Orton was standing up and also gets the end of the head lock. Layouts runs to the ropes but Orton soil a clothesline. Layouts gets up and a powerslam by Orton. Orton watched holding his left leg. Layouts gets up and also a full nelson through Orton who goes because that the cover but gets a 2 count. Layouts in the corner, Orton starts attack Styles’ right leg. Orton again stop his knee in pain. That picks styles up and puts the on the top turnbuckle. Some appropriate hands by Orton that climbs the peak rope and tries a suplex..Styles slips under and drops Orton. He picks Orton up and delivers a fireman’s carry. That goes because that the cover and a 2 count together Randy kicks out.

Styles kicks Orton and goes because that the styles Clash yet Orton picks layouts up and also drops that onto the ring apron. Layouts on the ring apron together Orton goes because that a DDT yet Styles gets the end of it. He takes Orton down and also gets the in a calf crusher. Orton screaming in pain however he will the ropes. Styles the first man up. That goes because that a springboard off the height rope but Orton bring him down and also delivers a DDT. Orton setting up the RKO. That goes because that it but a bicycle kick by AJ Styles. Styles runs in the direction of Orton that throws the onto the apron. AJ going because that the phenomenal forarm, Orton jumps and goes because that the RKO yet Styles soil on the ring apron. The goes for the splash off the top rope, Orton ducks, formats turns around and an RKO. He goes for the cover, 1, 2, 3! Randy Orton pins AJ Styles and also becomes the number 1 challenger to Bray Wyatt’s WWE location at Wrestlemania.

Winner: Randy Orton

Roy’s thoughts: A very an excellent match between both this two. Loved the psychology of formats going ~ Orton’s foot to break down the size difference. Good little psych out at the end when styles went for the Phenomenal Punch only to land ago on the apron and also have Orton for the RKO.

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After the match, Orton points in the direction of the Wrestlemania logo as Smackdown Live ends.

Roy’s overall Thoughts: lots of talk tonight on the show and also very tiny wrestling. That’s really unlike the blue brand but a solid main event. Ns feel like had actually they reduced the women’s segment (promo and also match) a little bit shorter, we can have had a tags team match thrown in there. Castle planted the seed because that a potential Mojo and Dolph feud through their backstage segment. The Miz/Maryse and also Cena/Nikki feud continues and also tonight was a good boost. The backstage attack by Corbin on Ambrose was well done and also sets the tone because that what will likely be a very physical feud heading right into Wrestlemania. Together for the main event, good match to complete the show. Ns can absolutely see lock going through an AJ and also Shane complement at Wrestlemania. No WWE champion Bray Wyatt ~ above the show which I discovered weird. I figured us would watch him at one suggest during the key event. Overall, too lot talking and not sufficient wrestling yet still a pretty kind show. My name is Roy and I expect you enjoyed the live results!