Hoo Joon (Choi Tae Joon) is among South Korea’s best entertainment sector stars. The is attending an event at a brand-new night hotspot. Aspiring young magazine reporter Lee Geun Young (Choi Sooyoung) is dispatched come the opening, where she inadvertently witnesses some rough and rude actions from Hoo Joon – and also then proceeds to litter up everywhere him by mistake.The magazine later decides come fire her, and also she presume Hoo Joon orchestrated she dismissal. Outraged, she decides to mount a one-woman protest external the workplaces of the star’s to chat agency. The media choose up on she demonstration and she becomes recognized as his number one “anti-fan.”The opportunistic manufacturing team the a new variety show decides to capitalize on Lee Geun Young’s suddenly notoriety. The producers accomplish her to tell her around their concept: a star who is compelled to live through their best “anti-fan.” Lee Geun Young is hesitant at first, but losing she job has actually left her broke and also the appearance dues is high enough to journey her to accept.Hoo Joon isn’t the keen ~ above the idea either. However a suddenly dip in his popularity forces him to reconsider – and also leads that to believe the present will offer him a chance to redeem himself in the public’s eyes.However, once they begin living together, the odd pair slowly starts to realize they are actually a good match because that one another...but could romance bloom top top this unconventional and an extremely public stage?This drama was based upon a 2010 novel of the very same name through Kim Eun Jung.“So ns Married the Anti-Fan” is a sommos.net original South korean drama released in 2021 and directed by Kang Cheol Woo.Frequently asked Questions about So ns Married the Anti-FanWhere deserve to I watch So ns Married the Anti-Fan oriental Drama?Rakuten sommos.net is one of couple of streaming platforms that have the legal rights to administer East asian content, including Kdramas to its members and also subscribers. To watch her favorite reflects online safely, you’ve concerned the appropriate place.How have the right to I watch So i Married the Anti-Fan on sommos.net?Watch your Favorite Dramas anywhere You desire – just go come sommos.net or download the sommos.net App.

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Sommos.net is available to download on Android and also Apple devices. Sommos.net sustained Streaming Players and also TVs encompass Roku, Android TV, apologize TV, Chromecast, and also Fire TV. Are over there English subtitles because that So ns Married the Anti-Fan?Subtitles for So i Married the Anti-Fan are available in English, Arabic, Czech, and also 29 more languages.How plenty of episodes are accessible for So i Married the Anti-Fan?So ns Married the Anti-Fan has 16 illustration x 60 min.