Get all set to watch hip-hop sensation Kida on the sheathe of Dance spirit magazine due to the fact that Kida won So you Think You have the right to Dance during the Sept. 12 finale. Nigel stated right before the winner was revealed that Kida had gone into the competition as perhaps the the very least trained dancer, however that didn"t stop him from arising as the victor. Along with being featured in the run magazine, Kida additionally gets the bragging legal rights of gift America"s favorite Dancer and a prize of $250,000. V his spunk and swagger, you recognize that Kida"s going come be celebrate this victory for a lengthy time — and also just as he should since he entirely deserves this title.

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When Kida"s surname was announced by organize Cat Deeley throughout the So friend Think You can Dance: The next Generation finale, the excited Fik-Shun confirmed at his protégé winning perfect demonstrated the method that Kida makes civilization feel. (Not come mention, the All-Star must have been pretty pumped because Fik-Shun won So girlfriend Think You can Dance himself ago in Season 10.) whether Kida to be low-key dominating his preferred style that dance with a mischievous laugh on his face or impressing the judges and viewers by make a new style of run his own, Kida"s talent and personality made the lovable. Yes, he certainly knew he to be good, but his confidence constantly came off together charming, not cocky, and also in a vain filled with 10 amazing young dancers, that made himself memorable main after week.

Of course, Kida"s win must not take far from the achievements of the other following Generation dancers, in particular, the last four. Before Kida came to be the winner, Emma, Tate, and J.T. Were got rid of in that order, yet they must still it is in proud the they make it to the finale. Possibly it was the fact that he to be such a base performer that never had actually a poor week and also was crazy an excellent at choreography, but something about Kida"s talent just spoke to viewers and also he can now to speak he"s the youngest dancer to ever win So friend Think You deserve to Dance.

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Beyond his talent, Kida"s story likewise made that a dancer worth rooting for due to the fact that the young teenager shed his father in 2014. He had opened up about it in one of his very first appearances top top the show, therefore this win should be extra special for him — specifically considering that Kida said the Sacramento FOX affiliate as soon as The following Generation season premiered that, "Every time i go on the stage, that"s what ns think of. Ns think of him. And I know he"s watching under smiling under on me right now."

Kida"s dancing do everyone who watched that smile and also his genuine and also generous performance layout made the captivating every time he was on stage. And also now that he is an main member of the So friend Think You can Dance winner"s circle, he"ll continue to carry joy come viewers because that years to come.