During the present coronavirus pandemic, we continue to provide help come you and other world in her communities. If our offices are not providing business to walk-in visitors due to COVID-19, we continue to be ready and able to assist you by phone with many Social defense business. 

You have the right to speak v a representative by phone call your local Social security office or our nationwide 800 Number. Girlfriend can discover the phone variety of the regional office that solutions your attend to by making use of our Social security Office Locator in ~ www.ssa.gov/locator.

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We offer numerous secure and convenient online services at www.ssa.gov/onlineservices, wherein you can:

• apply for Retirement, Disability, and also Medicare benefits;

• Check the status of an applications or appeal;

• Request a instead of Social security card (in most areas);

• Print a advantage verification letter; and much more.

Although you have the right to do many of your service with us online, we know that business channel isn’t appropriate for everyone. You deserve to still count on us by phone. If you have a critical situation and we cannot aid you with by phone call or online, us may be able to schedule an meeting for you.

If you require help, please don’t wait till we have the right to see you in person. Call us now and also get the help you need. We additionally understand that obtaining medical and other documentation can be challenging due come the pandemic, so us are proceeding to extend specific deadlines where possible.

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Ruth Ann Dowdy, 94, the Terre Haute, Indiana, passed far Wednesday, September 22, 2021 in Union Hospital. Ruth Ann was born in Clinton, on march 27, 1927 to Harry and Faye Myers Dowdy, and was elevated by Harry and also Ruth Ritcheson Dowdy. Ruth Ann was retired native a long career in nursing, worki…

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