This is the testimonial of the comparison in between two speakers from two popular Brands such together the JBL and the Sony. The comparison right here is in between the JBL flip 5 and the Sony SRS-XB23. There is certainly a price difference between them which bring the difference in their features and also performances. To understand which one is good for you to buy, walk to the detailed review.

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JBL flip 5Sony SRS-XB23
Simple design, terrific sound,11 color options, Able come pair multiple JBL speakers.Good sound quality, waterproof, lengthy battery life terrific sound quality, and an extremely loud. Powerful bass depth and also crisp highs in a compact design.Stereo pairing and Party Mode.Very portable and also well-built design.Waterproof and dustproof.
Need compatible models to use PartyBoost, check battery life calls for you to push the height buttons, No speakerphone or voice assistant functionality.Weaker there is no Extra Bass choice on.Doesn’t get really loud.Unclear battery level alerts.


HEADERJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
ModelFlip 5SRS-XB23
GENERALJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Design Features
SPEAKER SYSYTEMJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Amplification Typeactiveactive
Crossover Channel Qty
Frequency Response65 – 20000 Hz20 – 20000 Hz
Output Features
Output Level (SPL)80 db80 db
Audio Amplifierintegratedintegrated
Connectivity TechnologyWirelessWireless
Rechargeable Batteryrechargeablerechargeable
Run Time (Up To)12 hour(s)12 hour(s)
POWER DEVICEJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Power SourceBatteryBattery
OptionsUSB chargingauto power off
NETWORK and also INTERNET MULTIMEDIAJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Connectivity InterfacesBluetooth 4.2Bluetooth 5.0, near Field interaction (NFC)
Internet Streaming Services
SPEAKER device DETAILSJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Speaker TypeSpeakerPortable
Speaker Channel Qty22
Speaker Channel TypeMonoStereo
DRIVER DETAILSJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Driver Typefull-range driverfull-range driver, passive radiator
Driver Qty12
Driver Diameter3 in
CONNECTIONSJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
TypeDC power inputDC power input
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHTJBL upper and lower reversal 5SONY SRS-XB23
Width7.1 in
Depth2.7 in
Height2.9 in8.6 in
Weight19.05 oz20.46 oz
FeaturesFeel your music. Upper and lower reversal 5s all brand-new racetrack-shaped driver delivers high output. Reap booming base in a compact package.Dont sweat the small stuff choose charging your battery. Flip 5 gives you more than 12 hours of playtime. Store the music walk longer and also louder with JBLs signature sound.Bring your speakers anywhere. Swimming pool party? Perfect. Sudden cloudburst? Covered. Bash top top the beach? upper and lower reversal 5 is IPX7 waterproof approximately three-feet deep because that fearless outdoor entertainment.PartyBoost permits you to pair two JBL PartyBoost-compatible speakers with each other for stereotype sound or connect multiple JBL PartyBoost-compatible speaker to pump up your party.With 11 distinct color alternatives the flip 5 is anything however boring. Expand your spectrum with JBLs signature sound.Slip this little gem onto her wrist and also get grooving. Its durable cloth material and rugged rubber housing keep the upper and lower reversal 5 for sure while girlfriend let loosened in the good outdoors.Play that loud through EXTRA base sound.Waterproof, rustproof, dustproof and also shockproof IP67 style for worry-free usage.Power through any type of playlist through up come 12 hrs of battery life.Compact, lightweight, highly portable design. Acquire things booming with Party Connect and sync as much as 100 speakers.X-Balanced speak Unit boosts sound quality and power.
Detail Review:


JBL upper and lower reversal 5

The JBL upper and lower reversal 5 has a nice and also portable design and also pretty impressive audio in such a compact package. This speaker is retailing for roughly a hundred and also twenty dollars currently on Amazon. This is the recent updated speaker from the flip line-up speakers from JBL.

Sony SRS-XB23

The Sony SRS-XB23 looks almost like the SRS-XB22, there are just a couple of changes the been make in the XB22 which makes the XB23. The XB23 go sound great and look at good. Top top the other hand, it looks slightly favor the JBL flip 5 and also, has a strap like the upper and lower reversal 5.



JBL flip 5

The speak is do of this really nice cloth material and also rubber ~ above the optimal bottom and also on sides. Also though the USB Type-C harbor for charging is not extended by any kind of flaps, the flip 5 is waterproof since of the IPX7 certification. The red shade of the speaker looks really nice in mine opinion yet if friend don’t prefer it friend can choose from 11 distinct shade options. You can find the bass vehicle drivers on each side that not only look pretty but likewise contribute come providing an excellent and balanced sound.

The build quality is wonderful too and also the speak feels choose a solid piece of kit. I didn’t drop the on purpose however it definitely looks and also feels it have the right to take a beating. There room also all of the controls girlfriend need. Power and also Bluetooth keys have a nice LED backlight, and the party rise button uses true Wireless Stereo modern technology that allows you to pair two-party rise compatible speakers for true stereo sound.

Sony SRS-XB23

As much as the design, Sony went with a finish cylinder shape and also they have that towel mesh wrapping totally around the body except for the end there. It’s no a soft touch rubber together we’ve checked out in the XB33, it’s much more of hard plastic yet that’s just on the outside. On the within there, we have that soft-touch rubber and also they added twin passive radiators come the outsides in this speaker.

Another welcome enhancement is that they had actually the duty buttons running right down the facility there and also then lock actually relocated the battery, party, and also stereo pair button out from underneath the flap come a an ext accessible place, where the other buttons room located. Once again another smart design selection by Sony and also they placed the USB Type-C under the flap however there is no USB Type-A and also no 3.5-millimeter auxiliary jack. So, that’s one change that they made from XB22.



JBL flip 5

The flip 5 pearls in a nice protective case meaning that you deserve to take the speaker through you wherever you go without any type of worries. The sleeve packaging additionally includes the charging cable and also some paperwork. Very first I like how compact the speak is considering the reality it can provide a complete volume output of 20 watts. The maker is also reasonably light regardless of the fact that has a substantial 4,800 milliamp hours battery. On average, I could get over 11 hours of music playback, i beg your pardon is an extremely close to the official cases of 12 hours. Once I observed the spec sheet i was a little bit disappointed by the fact that the device uses Bluetooth 4.2 i beg your pardon is not the recent protocol. In practice, friend can’t really notification any distinction in regards to sound quality and I had actually zero connectivity issues.

Overall, the sound top quality is definitely one that the best when it involves compact Bluetooth speakers. I likewise love rugged and also waterproof design, great battery life, and also you simply have that JBL look and feel the a solid item of equipment. This might be a little bit an ext expensive than cheap knock-offs out there but the flip 5 is better pretty much in each department. So, if you’re searching for a great-sounding and also loud however compact Bluetooth speaker the JBL upper and lower reversal 5 is an easy buying recommendation.

Sony SRS-XB23

It comes in five new colors that black, a taupe, light blue, olive green, and coral red. Sony’s marketing this as the ultimate new small portable party speaker. As far as the battery life on this, Sony cases it has actually a 12-hour battery life but they additionally say that’s in stamina setting at fifty percent volume. If you desire to have actually the extra bass on, castle claim about ten hours but from mine test, i got around eight hours on this speaker with extra bass on and around 75% volume.

The XB23 is 8.6 inches high through a diameter that 3 inches and also it weighs roughly 1.3 pounds. So, holding that in her hand it actually feels an extremely lightweight. As with the XB22, the XB23 is IP67 rated, so the 6 method it’s dustproof and also the 7 method it’s submersible as much as 3 feet for approximately 30 minutes, and they likewise say saltwater resistant shockproof and also has a washable surface. So, if you’re the end there all day listening to music gain it dirty, just take a washcloth wipe it right off.

The loss of the assistant jack can turn a few of you disappointed but they did give us Bluetooth 5.0 which’s an upgrade from Bluetooth 4.2 come 5.0 in the XB23. Also, another deletion from last year’s XB22 is no much more LED irradiate is presented in this. It’s not really a large deal having actually that LED light shown, it’s no as flashy but it’s in reality a cleaner look. This new XB23 does attribute Sony’s brand-new X well balanced speaker unit. With that, they basically took the one diaphragms native the XB22 and also they kind of extended them the end a little bit. Actually, it has actually a tri-oval shape and they case that has much better sound pressure and also reduces distortion.



JBL flip 5

The sound quality is absolutely the most important facet of each Bluetooth speaker and I deserve to assure you that JBL flip 5 it is intended that. The sound is deep, crisp, and also there is a ton that bass. Also, have the right to hear a an excellent separation in between mids, highs, and lows, and also the volume output is nice insane considering such a little package. The does sound good but when you rise the volume to about more than 70%, it starts to obtain distorted.

Sony SRS-XB23

While testing out the sound high quality on this, ns was just messing v the levels of the bass, mids, and trebles, and also it has actually a many of result on this tiny speaker. At fifty to seventy-five percent volume, similar to most Bluetooth speakers, it sounds crystal-clear, and then as soon as you get to that hundred percent, every little thing starts gaining a tiny muffled, a tiny muddy, and also I think the XB23 is no different.



In mine opinion, the Sony SRS-XB23 is great for you come buy because it has much better features 보다 the upper and lower reversal 5 and also, the as whole sound quality is far better in the XB23 보다 the flip 5. The bass sounds a little bit cleaner in the JBL flip 5 yet I think the Sony XB23 had actually the volume advantage, i think this simply pushes the end a tiny bit more volume. If you’re talking around pure bass, ns think the flip 5 has actually its beat but as far as the as whole sound quality, the XB23 is better.

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