Is Instagram saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t update your profile picture. Please confirm you have actually an internet connection and shot again in a moment”?

If you’ve obtained this error message, that means you’re can not to update your profile photo on Instagram.

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Many Instagram customers are dealing with this concern (as of late Oct 2021) and it’s very frustrating.

This is due to the fact that you might want to change your profile picture but you’re unable to.

Especially if you have an old profile picture, you could want to readjust it.

However, you could have tried every cheat in the publication (e.g. Clearing cache, reinstalling Instagram) however it still doesn’t settle the error.

If you’re still finding ways to deal with the error—look no further.

In this article, you’ll learn how to deal with “Sorry us couldn’t update your profile picture” ~ above Instagram in 3 basic steps.

Why can’t I upgrade my profile photo on Instagram?


You can’t upgrade your profile snapshot on Instagram either because of a glitch, or friend don’t have an internet connection.

The “Sorry, we couldn’t update your file picture” error is commonly caused through a glitch on Instagram’s end, for this reason you might have come wait until Instagram fixes it.

The “Sorry us couldn’t upgrade your file picture” error claims that girlfriend don’t have an internet connection.

However, this is usually no the case.

The error is caused because of a glitch ~ above Instagram’s end—not yours.

If you’re top top Instagram, you should already have an net connection, so this is out.

There are lots of discussions virtual (e.g. Reddit, Quora) of human being seeking assistance because they can’t upgrade their profile picture.

So you’re definitely not the just one facing this issue.

Some people said the they haven’t addressed this issue in years.

One of castle resorted come creating a new Instagram account to change their profile picture.

Another chose to perform a factory reset on their device, and it solved it.

Although these methods work, friend shouldn’t use them unless you have no various other options left.

Fortunately, over there is a basic workaround because that the “Sorry us couldn’t upgrade your profile picture” error that you can use below.

How to deal with “Sorry us couldn’t upgrade your profile picture” on Instagram

The error is known to influence the Instagram app only.

So, if you’re utilizing Instagram indigenous a mobile browser, you won’t encounter the “Sorry us couldn’t upgrade your profile picture” error.

An different is to shot contacting Instagram support.

However, the difficulty is that Instagram assistance is practically unreachable.

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Instagram has priority over various other things (e.g. Disabled accounts, trademark infringement).