The Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 software application suite is a an effective audio platform equipped through cutting-edge audio technology, giving premium audio quality, effects and features because that ordinary pc systems equipped v only straightforward onboard audio. It features SBX agree Studio™ suite of technologies, i beg your pardon is draft to provide you the fullest audio experience.

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Win battles with Scout Mode™, a proprietary technology that permits you to hear your opponents from additional away, as you obtain a definitive benefit in combat!


Creative ALchemy is a an effective tool that restores EAX effects and 3D surround audio because that legacy, DirectSound3D game titles to run on home windows Vista and Windows 7, re-enabling that same an excellent gaming experience.

OpenAL assistance ensures compatibility v a wide selection of computer games occurred with OpenAL because that an tremendous 3D audio experience.

VoiceFX modern technology enables you morph her voice in real-time letting you take on an additional persona and also stay in character, including flair come your virtual role-playing experience.

* VoiceFX is only accessible for OEM-bundled version

With SBX Surround*, friend can cost-free yourself from the borders of physical 7.1 audio. Immerse yourself appropriate in the middle of your game.

*feature uncovered in SBX pro Studio

Other audio technologies such together a 10-band graphics equalizer permit you to improve your gaming audio also more. These crucial audio effects and also controls have the right to be conveniently accessed in Sound Blaster Console.

Experience how gaming audio should be, through Sound Blaster.

Great because that GamingFor gamers, acquire ready to be blown away by the impressive realism indigenous the unparalleled headphone surround and gaming sound improvement technologies delivered by Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3.

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SBX agree Studio™ suite that audio technologies create unprecedented levels of audio realism, include dynamics and punch to every gunshot, explosion and gaming sound. It consists of stunning surround effects, creating an exceptionally realistic surround sound experience even from simply a pair of stereotype headphones.

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