The Spalding Replica NBA game Ball is one indoor/outdoor composite animal leather basketball that is practically indistinguishable native the actual leather official video game ball used during NBA games. In this basketball evaluation we’ll be looking at all elements of this basketball and also deciding whether or no it’s worth her money offered the competition from the likes of the Wilson NCAA Replica game Ball and also Molten GM7X.


main NBA size and weight: size 7, 29.5 inchesPerformance composite coverShipped inflated and game readyDesigned for indoor and also outdoor pat


While i don’t normally talk about the architecture of the ball, among the points I liked around the Spalding Replica NBA video game Ball is just how discreet it is about being a replica. Unlike the Wilson NCAA Replica game Ball i m sorry labels itself a ‘Replica game Ball’ in huge lettering, the Spalding Replica doesn’t do it therefore obvious, and the just indication the it’s a replica is in small lettering neighboring the ball’s valve.

Now I’m no saying you have the right to go around pretending to have the official video game ball (it’s not genuine leather so it would be pretty apparent anyway), but it’s nice that they have made minimal alters to the design with this replica.

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Grip and also Softness

The Spalding Replica NBA game Ball is one of the grippiest indoor/outdoor basketballs I have actually used. The feels a tiny slippery out of the box, however after a couple of hours on the court that is simple to palm and nearly as soft together an indoor-only basketball.

Compared come the cheaper Wilson NCAA Replica video game Ball, this basketball indigenous Spalding provides more grip, although no by a very far-reaching margin.


Bounce is a an essential factor once purchasing basketballs. The bounce shouldn’t be too flat or too bouncy, and it should additionally be consistent, meaning it bounces specifically the way you’d mean it to.

The Spalding Replica NBA video game Ball has a very an excellent bounce i beg your pardon is also really consistent. The quantity of bounce feels just right as soon as pumped up to about 7.5psi. Some various other basketballs get the ideal amount that bounce at approximately 8+psi, yet I prefer the optimal pressure being lower as otherwise the ball deserve to feel a tiny hard.

Because the its really standard pebbling and 8-panel design, the bounce also feels really consistent.


The NBA Replica game Ball certainly feels much more like an indoor round than an outdoor one. And that softness come at a price – durability. Although ns didn’t obtain the chance to comprehensively check it versus other indoor/outdoor basketballs, ns did feel that this sphere was deteriorating slightly faster than various other indoor/outdoor basketballs I’ve offered outdoors.

Furthermore, the butyl bladder the the basketball seemed to be of dubious quality. I did uncover myself picking up the sphere after a few days the rest just to find the basketball had lost some air. It could also have been a leaky valve issue, however the price of deflation seemed a tiny slow for it to it is in a leaky valve.


Overall I chosen playing v the NBA Replica video game Ball. I liked the reality it looked as with the Official video game Ball, had more grip 보다 your median indoor/outdoor ball and also a really consistent bounce.

However, the grippiness comes at the price of durability. The round doesn’t seem rather as resilient as the NCAA Replica video game Ball, so if your major intention is for outdoor play, I’d go v that round instead.

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But, if you going to be using it a lot indoors, v the luxury of being able come play it outdoors from time come time, the Spalding NBA Replica game Ball is a premium pick.