To transform a rate of irradiate measurement come a foot per 2nd measurement, main point the rate by the switch ratio.

because one speed of light is same to 983,571,056.43045 feet every second, you deserve to use this simple formula to convert:

rate of light and feet per 2nd are both units supplied to measure speed. Keep analysis to learn an ext about every unit the measure.

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Speed the Light

The speed of light is equal to exactly 299,792,458 meters every second, or 670,616,629 miles every hour. The an interpretation of the speed of light is actually derived from the many recent 1983 international an interpretation of the meter.<1>

speed of light deserve to be abbreviated together c; because that example, 1 speed of light deserve to be written as 1 c.

Feet every Second

Feet per second are a measure up of rate expressing the street traveled in feet in one second.

The foot per 2nd is a united state customary and imperial unit the speed. Feet per 2nd can be abbreviated as ft/s, and are additionally sometimes abbreviated together ft/sec or fps. Because that example, 1 foot per 2nd can be composed as 1 ft/s, 1 ft/sec, or 1 fps.

In formal expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to different units offered to indicate division in one expression.

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Feet per second can be expressed making use of the formula: vft/s = dfttsec

The velocity in feet per second is equal to the distance in feet separated by time in seconds.

Speed Of light to Foot Per 2nd Conversion Table

rate of light measurements converted to feet per 2nd rate Of light Feet Per 2nd
0.00000001 c 9.8357 ft/s
0.00000002 c 19.67 ft/s
0.00000003 c 29.51 ft/s
0.00000004 c 39.34 ft/s
0.00000005 c 49.18 ft/s
0.00000006 c 59.01 ft/s
0.00000007 c 68.85 ft/s
0.00000008 c 78.69 ft/s
0.00000009 c 88.52 ft/s
0.000000001 c 0.983571 ft/s
0.00000001 c 9.8357 ft/s
0.0000001 c 98.36 ft/s
0.000001 c 983.57 ft/s
0.00001 c 9,836 ft/s
0.0001 c 98,357 ft/s
0.001 c 983,571 ft/s
0.01 c 9,835,711 ft/s
0.1 c 98,357,106 ft/s
1 c 983,571,056 ft/s


National institute of Standards and Technology, SI Redefinition: Meter, academy of Standards and Technology, NIST guide to the SI, chapter 6: Rules and also Style Conventions because that Printing and Using Units,

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