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While countless have joined the Dark side, over there is tho hope because that the Light. With numerous reworkings that Jedi\"s in the past year, Galaxy that Heroes has well balanced the two sides with faster speed, more powerful offense, and greater syngery.

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5. Return of the Jedi: Jedi items Luke, Ezra, Hermit Yoda, Barriss Offee, Shaak Ti

Luke watch fiercly into the distance, awaiting any potential trouble that the empire may bring...

While this team may have not all communicated with one another, the synergy effect Luke offers them makes this Jedi squad one of the ideal in the game. Luke and Ezra provide powerful attacks, while Hermit Yoda acts together a protector. I specifically like Ezra’s dual attacks and counter-chance. V Hermit Yoda providing unique Jedi support, this team can breakdown opponents through a combination of offense and healing.

All Light side allies have +15% crucial Chance and an important Damage: doubled for Jedi alliesAt the start of an encounter, every Jedi allies (excluding Old Republic Jedi) obtain the capability Heroes arise (Dispel every debuffs on all allies then contact all Jedi allies come assist, dealing 20% less damage)With Shaak Ti’s Training Exercise, target one more ally to help in the attack. Shaak Ti and also target ally recoup 35% of your Health and Protection.With Hermit Yoda’s Master’s Training: Dispel every debuffs top top target ally and grant them the Master’s Training unique buff till the finish of the battle. Then, speak to all allies v Master’s Training come Assist. Master’s Training: +25% (doubled ~ above Jedi) Accuracy, Defense, Offense, Potency, and also Tenacity. Can\"t be Dispelled or Prevented.Whenever an allied is critically hit, the ally recovers 20% Health, and Barriss benefit 10% turn Meter.


4. Heroes of the Republic: Jedi items Revan, Bastila Shan, Grand grasp Yoda, Hermit Yoda, Jolee Bindo

A duel come the death it candlestick be, however with the force on she side, Bastila is ready for anything

Led by the conflicted Revan together Bastila Shan, this team attributes wise Jedi indigenous the Old Republic and Galactic Republic. With Hermit Yoda offering support and his Master’s Training come Jedi, this team have the right to quickly come to be a powerful force. Revan and Bastila stand the end here, I would suggest modifying them with higher speed. 

While an additional Jedi allied is active, Revan ignores Taunt.For every Jedi and also each Old Republic allied at the begin of fight (excluding summoned allies), Jedi and also Old Republic allies get +5 Speed, +5% Crit Chance and also +5% Offense. At the begin of battle, Jedi allies acquire Tenacity Up for 1 turn. If Revan is in the leader slot and not the allied slot, units room immune come bonus revolve Meter effects from Leader abilities till the start of the first turn of the battle.Whenever a Jedi ally assaults out the turn, they recuperate 20% of their Max Protection and also deal 35% much more damageJedi knight Revan and Bastila have +70% Accuracy, Tenacity, and Potency. Jedi knight Revan likewise recovers protection from Legendary battle Meditation.With Jolee Bindo’s that Looks Pretty bad ability, he: dispels every debuffs on target ally and they recover 40% Health. Then, recovery all beat Jedi allies at 80% Health and grant those allies Crit Immunity because that 5 turns.


3. Saviors the the Galaxy: Jedi article Revan, Jedi master Luke, basic Skywalker, Jedi knight Luke, Wat Tambor

\"I to be Revan reborn, and also before me, you room nothing\"

Led by the fabled Jedi leader Revan, this team is anchored by Galactic Legend Jedi grasp Luke Skywalker. It functions attackers in general Skywalker and also his legendary offspring, Jedi items Luke Skywalker. Wat Tambor gives excellent support in healing allies over time. This Jedi team is very flexible and also can carry out well in Galactic War, Arena, and also act as an attacking force in region Wars.

Each Luke and Anakin obtain +5 speed, +5% an important chance, and also +5% offense Jedi understand Luke grants Jedi Lessons to Jedi allies (the an initial time each other light side ally falls listed below 100% health, they recuperate 25% health and protection, doubled because that Jedi allies) when Jedi master Luke offers his Heroic Stand, the dispels every debuffs indigenous Jedi allies and also resets your cooldowns of distinct abilities. They then gain critical chance up, and 35% offense until the finish of the battle Jedi knight Luke uses some that the strongest damage in-game, and also at the finish of Jedi allies turn, the gains 10% revolve meter general Skywalker and also Wat Tambor can each dispel debuffs Tambor can use heal gradually twice on every allies because that 2 turns, and dispel debuffs ~ above a target allyWhenever a Jedi ally assaults out of turn, they recoup 20% of their Max Protection and deal 35% much more damage. Once a Jedi ally uses a simple ability ~ above an enemy with Bonus Protection, minimize the target enemy\"s Max health and wellness by 10% (stacking)


2. They thrive Beyond: Jedi grasp Luke, Jedi article Revan, basic Skywalker, Jedi article Luke, Hermit Yoda

THE spiritual TEXTS!!

Jedi understand Luke is the wizened Galactic Legend that empowers his squad. Having actually a greatly powered team is made also stronger v his old master, Hermit Yoda. This Jedi Masters have the right to buff their apprentices v bonus Protection, Health, and also Offense. Jedi knight Luke and also his dad Anakin can deal hefty blows together Jedi grasp Luke’s Ultimate charge is all set to use. This lineup has actually some the the strongest attackers in the films and also game.

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If critically hit, general Skywalker dispels every debuffs ~ above himselfLight side allies have +10% max health and protection, doubled because that this team the Jedi’s and also allies grasp Luke sponsor Inherited Teachings to Jedi at the start of the battle With Revan’s Savior capability he ignores taunt, while another Jedi ally’s energetic and decreased to 1% wellness they recover 100% of your max health and also protection (with Revan active) Yoda provides additional health and protection recovery Yoda buffs Jedi’s with 50% accuracy, offense, and also tenacity once Master’s cultivate is used Once Jedi master Luke uses his Heroic Stand, the dispels all debuffs indigenous Jedi allies and also resets their cooldowns of special abilities. They climate gain critical chance up, and also 35% offense until the finish of the battle


1. HELLO THERE!: Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi, basic Skywalker, Ki-Adi-Mundi, commander Ahsoka Tano, basic Kenobi

\"Oh no, I\"m not brave sufficient for politics\"

Obi-Wan has asserted the high soil again: while freshly introduced, Jedi master Obi-Wan has quickly become one that the top-tier football player in the game. The Galactic Republic Jedi rises light next allies’ Mastery, Speed, and also Health while likewise having a game-changing Galactic Legend capacity in his High Ground. Paired with the one that loved prefer a brother, and also the clone wars variation of himself: this team is the finest grouping that Jedi.

Light next allies have +25% Mastery, +30 Speed, and also +25% Max HealthGalactic Republic allies get Protection increase 75% because that 4 transforms at the beginning of the battleJedi allies’ Armor Penetration is doubled as soon as attacking a SithAhsoka has +50% violation and critical Damage when a light side or Galactic Republic ally is presentIf every allies room Galactic Republic, general Kenobi taunts for 1 revolve whenever an ally loses security UpWhen basic Skywalker critically access time an opponent, your cooldowns are increased by 1Ultimate Charge (Jedi understand Obi-Wan): Dispel all debuffs top top light side allies. If 100% Ultimate charge was used, Obi-Wan benefit the High Ground because that 5 turns. Every Light next allies recoup 60% Health and Protection, and also all Galactic Republic allies acquire Protection increase (50%) for 3 turns which can\"t be dispelled or prevented. High Ground: deals 35% an ext damage through out-of-turn attacks; +100% respond to Chance; -35% Speed; can\"t obtain Ultimate Charge

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