Rya"c plans come marry a Jaffa woman of the Haktyl, but his father does no deem she to be worthy that him. Warrior leader Ishta brings her human being into the SGC, believing she race has actually been compromised, but is captured while attending a meeting to setup the loss of the Goa"uld Moloc

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Richard Dean Anderson...

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Brig. Basic Jack O"Neill
(Picture: Lionel Cironneau/AP Photo)" })">
Christopher Judge...Teal"c
(Picture: Anthony G. Moore/PR Photos)" })">
Amanda Tapping...Lt. Col. Samantha Carter
Michael Shanks...Dr. Daniel Jackson
Tony Amendola...Master Bra"tac
Neil Denis...Rya"c
Jeff Judge...Aron
Gary Jones...Sgt. Walter Harriman
Dan Shea...Sgt. Siler
Dan Payne...Jaffa
Jolene Blalock...Ishta
Mercedes de la Zerda...Kar"yn
Royston Innes...Moloc
Simon Bailey...Ka"lel
Noah Danby...

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Steve Lawlor...Cor"ak