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Bus State university to Philadelphia: expedition Overview


Trip Reviews for State college - Philadelphia

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United says bus companies: FlixBus, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, new York Trailways, Peter Pan, Barons Bus, ACN Autobuses

State college to Philadelphia Buses

With, comparing and also booking tickets because that a bus from State college to Philadelphia is a breeze. Browse through an extensive selection of bus fares and bus schedules to discover the best deals.

We make it our task to affix you v the many dependable bus providers that covering bus business from State university to Philadelphia.

Whether the is cheap bus ticket or more luxurious buses going to Philadelphia native State College, we aid you find what you're spring for based on how lot of a budget plan you have.

Bus Companies

Bus travel from State college to Philadelphia is made feasible thanks come Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

Need a bus leaving indigenous State College? Your starting point is at State college Bus Station, N Atherton St, N Atherton St, N Atherton St or State College, PA.

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If you"re onboard a bus travel to Philadelphia, friend can get hop off at Bus Station, Ludlow & 38th St, JFK Bd & N 30th St, 30th St Station, 55 N. 11 St., #700 Adams Ave or Chinatown.

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses1
Earliest and also Latest Bus Departures11:00AM - 2:15PM
Minimum Price$20
Average Ticket Price$34
Minimum expedition Duration5h30m
Average Bus expedition Duration5h30m
Bus service providers on This RouteGreyhound US