As she was standing on stage at talking Stick resort Arena, addressing the group on the opened night the the 24 Karat gold Tour, Stevie Nicks recalled an off-the-cuff comment she made at some type of special occasion leading up to the concert.

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“The an excellent thing,” she said, v a laugh, “is the I acquire to sing all the songs. And then i thought around it and I went, ‘And the not great thing is that I acquire to sing every one of the songs.’ it’s crazy. After singing only one-third the three-thirds for three years.\"

Then, ~ above Tuesday, Oct. 25, her very first solo outing since Fleetwood Mac perfect the On with the present tour last November, she reassured the pan with, \"I simply want you to recognize that i’m up here and also I’m strong but ns a tiny freaked out. Just a little. Yet I’m in mine hometown, Phoenix, where I wrote a most my songs.”

There’s a unique rapport she\"s developed v the years v fans here. For this reason it came as no surprise that she would pick to launch her tourism here, trial and error the waters with a “very different show” in an arena packed v fans that made her feeling as lot at house as one have the right to feel in one arena packed with fans.

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4 song debuted live

As she said at the finish of the night, “You’ve permit me know that this is gonna work and that ns gonna it is in OK. And I evaluate that. So take care of yourself. Remain strong. Nothing watch the news. That depressing.”

See? she funny, too. Not simply sincere and gracious.

What provides this such “a an extremely different show” is the she’s playing songs she’s never played before and also others that she hasn’t touched in ages, setting the tone because that the 20-song performance through the old-school Memphis heart vibe the a track she hadn’t played in 16 years, “Gold and also Braid.”

“Bella Donna” was back in the collection list for the an initial time because the an extremely early ‘80s, and also four song made your live debut – “Belle Fleur,” “Wild Heart,” “If You to be My Love” and the Buckingham Nicks song, “Crying in the Night.”

Nicks marveled at just how long it’s been due to the fact that that first album she taped with then-boyfriend lindsay Buckingham.

“Forty-three years,” she said, prior to recalling, “This to be gonna be the single off the Buckingham Nicks record. It was so long ago, ns don’t actually remember if it ever was the single or made the out. I understand I remember sitting in the basement and working this track out.”

She talked a lot, at one point joking, “Someday, I might do a display where ns don’t even sing. I’m simply gonna talk.” and also that was just after realizing how much she had actually been talking and also telling the crowd, \"You know, it’s like I’m no really an alleged to speak this much.”

That’s the conventional wisdom, anyway. Store the show moving. Or as human being have been recognized to shout, “More rock, much less talk.”

\"You have been like an excellent friends\"

In practice? All the talking just serves to draw you deeper into Nicks’ world, developing a level of intimacy that’s tough to come through in a room that size. Together Nicks said at one point, “I’m happy I was able to share this an initial night of trying to gain this every in mine head through you. You have been like an excellent friends sit in my living room listening come my brand-new demos.\"

And those demos sound great. Nicks’ voice remained in beautiful shape throughout, and the musicians she’s assembled because that this tour (including Tempe’s Al Ortiz ~ above bass and Nicks’ longtime musical director Waddy Wachtel ~ above guitar) go a brilliant job of fleshing the end the songs, from the bass-driven groove of the opened numbers, “Gold and Braid” and also “If everyone Falls,” come the 3 Fleetwood Mac songs they played, “Gold Dust Woman,” “Rhiannon” and also “Dreams.”

And together those Fleetwood selections would suggest, it no all around the road much less traveled. In addition to those loved one obscurities, lock dusted off a grasp of her biggest hits, consisting of “Edge that Seventeen,” “Stand Back” and a beautiful, bittersweet “Leather and also Lace,” her Don Henley duet, which featured gorgeous harmonies native Nicks’ female back-up singers and also brought the encore to a complete after one critical story.

“I didn’t create it through Don Henley,” Nicks recalled, “but ns was walk out v Don Henley therefore I would certainly play it because that him and also he would certainly say, ‘That sucks.’ and also I would certainly say, ‘OK (because you’re, like, one Eagle)’ and also then I’d go back and I’d work on it. And this go on for, like, a pair months. And one day, the said, ‘It’s good.’ and also I go ‘OK, so we’re done?’ and he said, ‘We’re done.’”

She also dusted off she other huge ‘80s duet, the Tom Petty teamwork “Stop Draggin’ My heart Around,” with Chrissie Hynde that the Pretenders standing in for Petty. The was great to see those 2 iconic artist share a stage, particularly considering a quote I check out from Nicks prior to the show: “When my manager said, ‘What about The Pretenders?’ ns like, ‘Would they also go through me?’ and he said, ‘I think lock would!\"”

The an excellent Pretenders (so special)

Of course they would. And also Hynde was clearly thrilled to it is in there, joking “Yeah, us did our pond together” throughout the Pretenders set, which began off solid with 2 raucous selections from their excellent brand-new album, “Alone” and also “Gotta Wait.”

Hynde was rocking one Elvis Presley T-shirt and a pair that faded jeans (in stark contract come Nicks, v her dresses and shawls). The just other surviving member featured on that classic very first Pretenders album, drummer boy name Chambers, was laying under the beat behind her.

This year\"s lineup additionally features a pedal steel player, that was placed to brilliant use on a gorgeous, understated “Hymn come Her,” after i beg your pardon Hynde said the audience, “That one was for Stevie.”

The collection was a great mix that crowd-pleasing staples and also newer material, including “Down the not correct Way” native her current solo album, and also “Holy Commotion,” the very first single the end of the box from the Pretenders’ new album, “Alone,” which somehow sound even more contagious live.

And she no shy around returning come that very first self-titled masterpiece. After ~ blowing the dust off “Private Life” together the 4th song the the set, Hynde and also her bandmates made their method through a grasp of ballads and mid-tempo popular music songs – “Hymn come Her” complied with by “Back ~ above the Chain Gang,” “Don’t gain Me Wrong” (on i m sorry she struck a playful model pose to enhance the lyric “If ns come and also go like fashion”) and also “I’ll stand By You.”

Then, Hynde announced “We didn’t yes, really come here to perform ballads\" to introduce a four-song joyride with some highlights that that an initial release – a commanding “Tattooed Love Boys,” “Mystery Achievement,” the Kinks’ “Stop her Sobbing,” and also the tune that may be destined to continue to be her call card, “Brass in Pocket.”

The singer was clearly enjoying the moment on that one, investing the lyrics through the self-assurance castle demand: ”\"Cause i gonna make you see / There\"s nobody else right here / No one prefer me / I\"m special, so special / i gotta have actually some of your fist / offer it to me.” but she also made it much more inclusive by share the minute with the fans down front, hold the mike out for a pan to song “I’m special.”

It was special. And it should have been difficult to maintain that moment, however “Holy Commotion” was approximately the challenge, and also they followed through v “Middle the the Road,” which contained a killer harmonica solo indigenous Hynde, and also the psychedelic funk of their cover that Jimi Hendrix’s “Room full Of Mirror” native the “Get Close” album.

It to be a spirited depiction of what Hynde and also her latest arsenal of Pretenders have to offer. And it to be refreshing to watch her connecting so strongly with so many world in together a big venue if reminding all the casual fans that may have drifted off after “Learning to Crawl” that she’s tho special.

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Stevie Nicks setlist

Gold and also BraidIf everyone FallsStop Draggin’ My love AroundBelle FleurOutside the RainDreamsWild HeartBella DonnaAnnabel LeeEnchantedNew OrleansStarshineMoonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)Stand BackCrying in the NightIf You were My LoveGold Dust WomanEdge of Seventeen


RhiannonLeather and also Lace

Pretenders setlist

AloneGotta WaitDown the dorn WayPrivate LifeHymn come HerBack top top the Chain GangDon\"t get me WrongI\"ll was standing By YouTattooed Love BoysMystery AchievementStop your SobbingBrass in PocketHoly CommotionMiddle of the RoadRoom full of Mirrors

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