Whether this is your an initial job or the following step in your career, girlfriend won’t uncover a much better place come work. What friend will execute here has never been much more important.

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Filter by dietary needs and shop necessary produce, discover unique regional brands, and save top top weekly specials.
For our professional drivers, delivering your food is a career, not a next gig. They’ll just pick the freshest groceries for her home. Contactless distribution is currently an option. A driver will contact you once they arrive and also leave her bags on your front porch.
Select a one-hour pick time slot and also shop from ours full-store assortment and also same save pricing. *Excludes specific regulated items. Filter by dietary needs and shop organic produce, find unique regional brands, and also save ~ above weekly specials.
Drive to your pick location and also park in among the designated pickup spots. Call the choose number ~ above the pick sign and a keep associate will pack the groceries right into your car. Because that contactless pick up you can display your license with the window.


What walk the service cost?

Service Fees

Delivery together low together $2.95 with accessible discounts


Order SizeFee*
$100.00 and also up$6.95
$60.00 to$9.95

Minimum bespeak Size: $60.00

Delivery dues does not include the fuel surcharge. This weeks surcharge is $0.00

*Additional charges and also applicable sales taxation may apply in certain areas.


Order SizeFee*
All Orders$2.95

Minimum order Size: $30.00

*Pickup not obtainable in all areas


Tipping is optional. The is not supposed but always appreciated.

Redelivery Fee

Stop & Shop dues a $15 redelivery fee because that multiple shipment attempts. Us cannot guarantee the quality of perishable items consisted of in a redelivery.

Restocking Fee

If we room unable to deliver your order, or her order is canceled after we start preparing it for delivery, you will be fee a $50 restocking fee. Additionally, cancelled order containing specially asked for items are subject to a restocking fee same to 15% of those items.

Handling Fee

Stop & Shop charges a $30 dealing with fee for every checking account payments reverted by the bank.*

*The fees is less if the maximum dealing with fee allowed by her state regulation is much less than $30.

How have the right to I pay for my order?We do not expropriate cash, however we execute take just about everything else:Peapod direct Check, our digital payment methodPeapod Gift CardCredit Cards: Discover, Visa, MasterCard & American ExpressATM Cars/Bank Debit Cards through a Visa or MasterCard logoDoes prevent & Shop carry everything ns need?Pretty likely. We bring most everything continual sommos.net have, and then some:Fresh produce, prime quality meats and seafoodAll the nationwide brands you loveThousands of Natural and Organic options in every aisle including our extremely popular Nature’s Promise lineStore brand to save you money on hundreds of staplesHealth & Beauty, pet Care, family Products, paper GoodsMeal options - meal kits and fresh all set entrees, prepared to cook, ready to heat, lunchbox options, tooLocal Speciality products your won’t find in plain sommos.netAlcoholic Beverages - closely selected wines, beers and spiritsDo you provide alcohol?

We supply alcohol, yet not in all markets. The legal age is 21. We inspect the identifier of every receiving customers alcoholic products and also will remove these products from one order there is no a precious ID or if our shipment driver suspects that the alcoholic commodities are intended because that underage drinkers.

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Acceptable creates of Identification

Valid State drivers license (out the state might require extr identification)Valid State photo identificationUnited States active Duty armed forces IDValid United says PassportOur Products

Where perform the products come from?

We resource produce, meat and also seafood native local and also national service providers to acquire the best quality products at affordable prices. During the summer and also fall, we procure our produce from local farmers to lug our customers the freshest finest quality.

How do commodities stay fresh?

Grocery orders room shopped in ~ the last feasible moment.All assets are hand-selected and also packed just for you, and also never picked over.They space bagged and placed into special temperature-controlled containers designed come keep develop fresh, refrigerated commodities cold and also frozen commodities frozen.Our specially-designed “Stay-Fresh” mechanism makes sure your groceries stay at the optimal temperature all the means to her door.What if I’m no satisfied?Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, every order, every time. If your no happy, we make that right. That’s the prevent & Shop promise. If girlfriend have any type of problems or questions contact (800) 767-7772.