A physicist describes daily phenomena indigenous the mundane to the magisterial.

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Take a look up at the stars top top a clear night and you gain a feeling that the universe is substantial and untouchable, complete of mysteries past comprehension. However did you understand that the key to unveiling the tricks of the cosmos is as close together the nearest toaster?

Our home right here on planet is messy, mutable, and full that humdrum points that us touch and also modify without much thought every day. But these acquainted surroundings are just the location to look at if you’re interested in what makes the universe tick. In Storm in a Teacup, Helen Czerski gives the devices to change the method we see everything roughly us through linking plain objects and also occurrences, choose popcorn popping, coffee stains, and also fridge magnets, to huge ideas choose climate change, the power crisis, or innovative clinical testing. She guides us through the ethics of gases (“Explosions in the kitchen space generally taken into consideration a bad idea. However just sometimes a tiny one can produce something delicious”); heaviness (drop part raisins in a bottle of carbonated lemonade and watch the whoosh that bubbles and also the dancing raisins in ~ the bottom bumping into each other); size (Czerski explains the action of the water molecule that reason the crime-scene stain left by a puddle of dried coffee); and also time (why it takes so long for ketchup come come the end of a bottle).

Along the way, she offers answers come vexing questions: just how does water take trip from the roots of a redwood tree come its crown? how do ducks keep their feet heat when walking on ice? Why walk milk, when added to tea, look prefer billowing storm clouds? In one engaging voice at once warm and witty, Czerski shares her stunning breadth of expertise to background the veil of familiarity from the ordinary. You might never look at at her toaster the exact same way.


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Helen Czerski is a physicist at university College London’s room of mechanically Engineering, and a science presenter for BBC. She to write a monthly shaft for BBC Focus magazine called “Everyday Science” the was shortlisted because that a expert Publishers combination award.

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Table that Contents

Introduction 31 Popcorn and Rockets 132 What go Up should Come under 373 tiny Is Beautiful 614 A minute in Time 875 Making tide 1136 Why Don"t Ducks get Cold Feet? 1437 Spoons, Spirals, and Sputnik 1698 once Opposites attract 1959 A feeling of perspective 231References 251Acknowledgments 261Index 265

Editorial Reviews

Delightful.… Replete with historical detail.… Storm in a Teacupwill entertain and also educate any person v a healthy and balanced curiosity around the organic world.

Physics Today
Publishers Weekly

"A delightful book on the joys and also universality of physics. Czerski brings our humdrum everyday people to life, mirroring us that it is just as fascinating as anything that have the right to be checked out by the Hubble Telescope or created at the large Hadron Collider."

Jim Al-Khalili

"Czerski entertainingly mixes reports of her anyone-can-do-this experiments with serious questions around the civilization in which we live."


" quest to boost humanity’s daily scientific literacy is timely and imperative."


"In an age when any type of questions we have around the operations of the people are instantly answerable via Google, physicist Czerski pushes united state to stand up to the search engine....why not discover some simple physics so the you can shot to puzzle things out for yourself?"

Scientific American

"This publication is charming, obtainable and enthusiastic. Helen invites friend in to watch the civilization through her eyes and understand just how a physicist think. It’s a wonderful method to uncover the hidden scientific relations behind the ordinary and also everyday."

Hannah Fry

"Storm in a Teacup is a food in physics, however it’s less like a classroom than a lengthy walk with a patient, charming, and also very, an extremely learned friend. Czerski has actually a exceptional knack because that finding scientific wonders under every rock, alongside every raindrop, and inside every serial of sand."

Jordan Ellenberg

"Excellent....an appropriate gift for any scientifically inquisitive person, including youngsters or adults who retain a child"s feeling of wonder. Robert Hooke would have loved it."

The wall surface Street journal - John Gribbin

"Helen Czerski’s engaging debut book seeks to demystify physics in daily life, so even if it is you know your refraction from her reflection, or uncover the entire subject incomprehensible, this should be an invaluable primer."

The GuardianLibrary Journal