2--Errors :so because that those people who stated they dont have ifile or filzai got another means to fix totality cydias trouble without ifile or filza or anthing every you require is a laptop and also some links ill placed them down listed below so now watch this short video clip how ns gonna deal with all those erros .

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1-romove theoriginal yalu10.2.2-trunturn off your iphone then revolve on earlier .3- grab her laptop and also install this yalu resolve it ill leaving the connect down below Install yalu2 native here

4-after you installed to yor laptop youll install it come yor call use
cydia impactor.5-when you view yalufix in her iphone open up it then cilck on go wait for faw secthen you ll watch writing claims your maker already jailbroken, go open up the cydia girlfriend ll see all her Errors to be fixed,6- download whatever you desire then remove yalufix and install theoriginalyalu10.2 here a short video clip to present you what youexactly gonna execute down blow 1-dpkg, to be interrupted, you should manually operation ‘dpkg configure -a’ to correct the problem

2-Errors, ns wasn’t able come locate, record for the package. This could mean you must manually settle this package.The factor for this errors apear isyou to be trying to install some tweaks.
1-close her cydia and open it again then wait for 30 sec walk to sources and deleteat least 2 or 3 resources then click on refresh and also wait untill refreshing the pagefinish
then over there you walk you good to download anything. 3-Errors: trying to overwrite /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries" error:
To deal with this.
1. Open Filza or ifile2. Walk to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries3. Eliminate "DynamicLibraries"4-close her cydia and opened again.
4-Errors Sub-process/usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error password 2 hey a lot of human being asked me to resolve this error so this day i will settle it all you need is to follow the measures watch this short video clip . if friend don"thave ifile or filza i will leave the links down listed below so you can install it to your device note : To install ifile friend needcydia impactor also i will leave connect for cydia .

Cydia in the interim can"t refresh data because another program is currently using a device component that Cydia needs. This error frequently happens if you"re likewise using another program that refreshes package data, such together Curiosa. To settle it, try rebooting. If that doesn"t help, you may need to uninstall Curiosa (and any kind of other packages that execute this).
Cydia ran into some sort of network problem. The usual cause of this error blog post is using packages that add tons that ad-blocking currently to your hosts file; uninstalling those packages must fix this error.

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Cydia make the efforts to fix this difficulty automatically. If this is the only error message displayed, you can ignore it and use Cydia normally.