Mario, Peach, and also Bowser had actually scaled the tree and also defeated Dimentio. The worn down heroes were relieved to ultimately see the cream color towers of ft Francis. To be Tippi safe? to be the following Pure Heart yes, really waiting because that them ahead? Their just answers to be the strange voices carried on the wind from within the fort...Outside fort Francis, Bowser asks if this is whereby the dweeb Francis lives and also what his castle has actually over his. Peach is worried about Tippi. Inside the fort, Tippi is being organized in a cage and also Francis is photographing her. That calls she "hi-technical" and also says she"s an undiscovered digibutterfly species. The must paper her and tells her to shake her thorax. Tippi calls come Mario. The digibutter.nerr forum will be jealous when he short articles the pictures. The door to fort Francis is locked. The sign states noentry into ft Francis unless you"re a at sight genius or a warm girl.Flip and you"ll watch a pipe hidden behind a small wall. Choose up a block v Thoreau and also hit the switch through it to gain a ft Key. Use it to unlock the door. ~ above the inside is a conserve Block and another door. Ns will currently you the fast method to obtain through the fort. Flip in this hallway. There"s a room between the door and the wall surface so you have the right to go behind the door. There"s a pipe back here. Go through it come the fort"s basement. Upper and lower reversal to uncover flip blocks near the lengthy row that spikes. Usage these toreach a ledge so you cango over the spikes. Examine out the writing on the wall. It says, "For room on right: 2323. Because that room top top left: 2828." save that in mind. Top top the various other side the the spikes is a cage through a Pixl. Lb the nearby switch with Thudley to open up the cage. The funky music start playing. The Pixl thanks them for freeing her. She"s been shut in the cage forever and also wants come repay the heroes. First, it desires to view if they are on the same web page as her. She asks what their very first impression of Francis was: greenish/ nerdy/ awesome. Next, she asks if noþeles else around him recorded their eye. He"s: a photo fanatic/ into butterflies/ irresistible. Finally, she asks what castle think around him. He"s a: monster/ tech geek/ stallion. Regardless of what answers you pick, she"ll agree with you, also if you speak to Francis an "awesome, irresistible stallion". She says they"ll work-related together perfectly and joins. This is Carrie. She folds up right into a crate and permits the heroes come move roughly faster and also cross spikes and other hazards safely. Walk left end the spikes and ago through the pipe.Go through the door and you"ll discover some the Francis"s Meowmaids, robotic servants that ensure Francis enjoys a fairly stress-free fanboy lifestyle. They eliminate commercial breaks from his tv shows, theorem his comics, tell the when various items top top his wish list deserve to be purchased, and also secure the fort. There"s a cat-shaped door in the middle of the room. Look with the keyholes and also you"ll see Francis photographing Tippi. Go with the door ~ above the right. Flip to find some gray stairs top up. In ~ the top of the stair is a Surprisemeow, the shoots Meowbombs. Flip to stop them and go through the door. The door leads to a room wherein there room two doors hanging from the wall. Pound the ground underneath them v Thudley to do them drop. These space the left and right rooms the note in the basement speak of. If girlfriend did this the regular way, you deserve to only go through the left door and make any progress. As soon as you have actually Carrie, both doors space at your disposal. Go with the left door and flip to uncover a gray platform. Was standing on it, climate jump and also hover v Peach come the right. Flip to uncover stairs and a door. There are robots here dubbed Airmeows. They will dive-bomb you. Choose one up through Thoreau and also use it to hit the switch. A large bridge will appear to one more tower. Go through the door on the various other side and you"ll uncover a Securimeow. It guards the door come a private room and also hasTrue/False defense questions come verify identity. Every one of the questions should be reply True:1. Videogame soundtracks are totally hi-technical. 2. Episode 127 the "The Grodus Chronicles" is pretty lot the schweetest point ever. 3. One day, I will certainly own all of the "Starship X-Naut" series 3 collectible action figures.After this, get in the passcode 2828. If you gain it wrong, a trapdoor will open and also you"ll autumn into a room whereby there is a Chomp and a block to usage to fight a switch. Stand on the switch as well to make a pipe appear. Once you go through the door, you"ll see component of Francis"s collection, which includes many things regarded Paper Mario: The thousands Year Door and some native Paper Mario. There"s a Bigmeow patrolling the room. Bounce off of the to reach the chest on the shelf. It has a fort Key. The item block includes a Mushroom. Go v the ideal door and use Carrie to cross the spikes. The door in ~ the end leads to one more Securimeow. That has more security concerns that need to be reply "True". 1. Starship X-Nauts comics are never ever to be gotten rid of from their plastic sleeves. 2. Role-playing gamings should be no much less than 180 hrs long, no counting sidequests. 3. Fanny packs space both practical and also stylish.Enter the code 2323 and also the door to the elevator to the an enig lair opens. There"s a super Shroom in the item block and much more collectibles in the room. Jump off the Bigmeow to reach the chest with another Fort Key. Return downstairs and save. Ar the secrets in the cat-door"s keyholes, then switch to Peach. Check out the door and it says just Francis and hot girl are enabled inside the room. Gift Bowser or Mario once this happens will makethe door shooting laserswhen this happens. The door will certainly ask questions to inspect Peach"s compatibility v Francis prior to letting her through. They must all be answered "True".1. Videogames and hot babes are entirely hi-technical.2. If it"s minimal edition, purchase it!3. I have bought games that I have never played.4. If it"s got fierce large robot on giant robot combat,it"s an insta-buy!5. They"re no DOLLS, they"re action FIGURES WITH real FIRE-PUNCHING ACTION!6. I have dumped a friend over one argument around Starship X-Naut propulsion technology.7. A schweet cover illustration is means more necessary than the storyline.8. Never pull the top copy native a heap of comics. Find the mint-condition one.9. My first love to be an anime character. 10. Ns love walking on post boards and complaining about games I"ve never played.After that, the door opens. Francis is startled, asking who is sneaking into his room and also why. Peach states she"s been looking anywhere for him. Francis beginning freaking out that there"s a warm girl in the room, i m sorry is, somehow, "hi-technical". He"s too excited and he"s started sweating. The can"t talk to girls, for this reason he gets the end his laptop native his fanny pack and boots increase "swoon.exe" and also activates the "Nerr2Babe" user interface mod v real-time wooing. The interface boots up and Francis welcomes Peach to his castle. Peach is confused. He claims he boots increase the user interface when it"s time to talk to the ladies and it"s time for the program to work-related its magic. He first asks her name. Any type of of the alternatives work. His enthusiasm levels up. He looks in ~ her, complimenting her on being cute like a princess from an anime or videogame. Her feistiness to add to her charm. Choose an option, and also his passion will level up, and possibly his ego. That decides to give her a Pink Princess signed poster. Again, select an option that watch interesting. Francis start talking around the future, saying they space destined to it is in together and also get married. After choosing a selection, Peach asks who"s choosing the answers because that her, together she"s no marrying this dork. She shouldn"t be having actually this conversation in the an initial place and also is below to save Tippi. Francis sifts v the program"s options, not finding a Tippi command. Peach has had actually enough and also uses Boomer. Francis calls the end in despair around his graphic card. He claims that to be the only well-known copy the the Nerr2Babe patch, i m sorry is currently gone forever. He more than likely should"ve made a copy or backed it up. That says genuine girls are scary.Tippi notices Peach. She was worried and also asks if she"s right here to save her. Francis understands currently that Peach raided his fortress to steal Francine, but he won"t let her. (He came up v the name on his own.) He believed it was weird the she might talk, but the forum"s reaction was the she was hi-technical. She"s additionally his only offline friend. The cage lowers and also Francis says they"ll feeling the wrath that the jilted X-Naut in the season finale of "The Grodus Chronicles". Feel free to move characters. Together a chameleon, Francis deserve to appear and disappear at will. He"ll conveniently disappear after ~ launching one attack, so hear for him to appear and attack quickly. He"ll usage the bright flash of his camera to blind them temporarily and disappear. He"ll shoot out his tongue to choose up the hero, climate spit them out. He"ll likewise pull out his laptop come summon Meowbombs native the ceiling, so it is in careful. They will certainly explode after a quick while. When you loss him,he"ll cry and run the end of the room.Tippi is freed native the cage and thanks the heroes because that coming to she rescue. She"s happy and starts glowing. A green Pure Heart appears from her. Castle wonder exactly how that happened. Peach thinks Tippi"s heart burst v happiness and released a Pure Heart. The heroes take it and the Pixls dance.End the ChapterThe 4th Pure Heart showed up in a dazzling speed of secret light. What made it appear? The team was puzzled by this and also many other riddles. "...So you"re no hurt?" asked Tippi, complete of concern. Somehow, Tippi seemed various than before.

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She had started to change. Mario simply shook his head and started the long journey earlier to Flipside...