711 N. Alafaya trace Orlando, FL 32828 eastern (407) 277-7746 www.sweetbyholly.com Hours: 10am-10pm Sunday-Friday; 10am-11pm Saturday

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after maneuvering with the labyrinthine roadways inside the Waterford Lakes city Center, climate downing some quaggy shepherd"s pie because that dinner, i was looking forward to a superlatively sugary finale in ~ Sweet!, a vibrant joint specializing in the city"s latest dessert tendency " cupcakes. The truth that it taken place to be the night of national Cupcake Day further glazed my confectionery anticipation the a post-meal chocopalooza, and also so right into the queue ns went.

If sweet to be what my raging sweet tooth wanted, sweet! was what i got. In both the custard-filled, ganache-dipped Boston cream cupcake ($3) and also the vertically decadent high-hat coco cupcake ($3), chef-owner Hollis Wilder certainly didn"t skimp on the sugar. That"s no to speak the cupcakes weren"t great " lock were correctly moist and also cakey, not dry in the least " but when I thought I feel craters forming in the enamel of mine teeth, I had actually to recognize these treats were too cloying for me to totally enjoy. Milk is marketed by the glass ($1), but it would take a quart come neutralize the candied effects of a solitary cupcake.

With about two dozen spices on offer on a rotating basis, possibly the overpowering sugariness was simply the happy of the draw. Regardless, sugarphiliac teenyboppers and college children seem to obtain a kick out of the cutesy café"s fare.

Price: $Payment Type: Amex, Discover, master Card, Visa
4 Orlando-area suppliers selling rainbow foods items to benefit Pulse victims and also survivors by Holly V. Kapherr Jun 12, 2017

food selection

White Raspberry

white cacao cake, white chocolate buttercream, raspberry filling

Black and also White

chocolate cake, white chips, swirled

Plain Jane

yellow cake, vanilla buttercream, sprinkles

Heath Bar

white cake, pagan bar chunks and crust, toffee buttercream

White Out

white coco cake, white coco buttercream, white coco curls

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