If you a pan of Sword arts Online, then Sword art Online: lost Song uses a most different options for you to give yourself your appropriate SAO experience. It doesn’t take lengthy to unlock the entirety main actors as playable characters (you can even switch Kirito the end of the party for one more character) and even side characters eventually come to be playable prefer Argo, the details broker or the leader of the gyeongju such as Sakuya or Alicia Rue. Every character can be equipped with their very own sets that equipment, i m sorry is dependant on your character’s race, and also their own collection of skills.

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Strea and Philia return from knife Art Online: hollow Fragment, though ns didn’t acknowledge Philia in she ALO type at an initial as it’s very different indigenous her original appearance! yes sir a selection of costumes for each character and also all the DLC costumes native the Japanese variation is consisting of in the English release. When it appears you can’t switch ago to the initial Aincrad forms, Kirito and Sinon have their GGO forms as a costume and also a Gods Eater costume for Kirito and also Asuna easily accessible from the begin of the game.




Once you reach a particular point in the game, the virtual multiplayer choices open up, allowing you to create a tradition character. While you can create your character for online play, you’re also able come play the solitary player campaign using them as well. Unfortunately, the alternatives here are really limited, even an ext so when contrasted to the character creator (or fairly the Kirito Customizer) that was provided in Hollow Fragment. You start by choosing your character’s race from the ones easily accessible in the world of ALO, though part races choose Cait Sith are limited to specific genders. Wherein the genuine disappointment lies is that together you’re picking the end your character’s features, there’s just two options for each choice and her character never ever really deviates native the default options. Those worse is that all these tradition character models are based on the NPCs you check out running approximately town, therefore the personality that’s intended to watch unique and represent you online just looks prefer an plain NPC. The feels like a setting that’s simply been tacked on and frankly, you’re far better off sticking with the existing personalities than bothering producing one of your own.


As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to trigger scene with assorted members, part being simply for fun and others lead in the direction of extra quests giving you extra experience, weapons and also items. Personalities do have actually their own collection of searches to complete but these aren’t handled the same way they were in Hollow Fragment. Because that a start, there’s no romance choices and personalities don’t follow you approximately town and also you can’t communicate with them either. Characters send girlfriend in-game messages about their thoughts and feelings around recent occasions that has actually happened either in the story or side searches you’ve take away on. You’ll likewise get messages from party members the you haven’t supplied in a while, questioning to come follow me on your journey.


It’s a dead then that party members no in use don’t earn any experience points from your battles because they’ll autumn behind an extremely quickly and won’t find out some of your advanced skills that are beneficial in later on stages of the game. If you earn experience simply by taking out enemies, in true SAO fashion your an abilities only level up as you usage them. So to boost a heal skill, you have to keep healing, to rise an assault skill, you have to keep performing that details attack. Similarly your efficiency with her weapons boosts as you use them. Using an abilities and assaults on opponents that are a greater level than you will, boost the price the ability increases, other to save in psychic when encountering a boss if yes sir a certain stat you desire to increase.

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I feel choose Sword arts Online: shed Song has done a good job of consisting of fan pleasing content and also I’m a big fan the the alternate timeline technique that Hollow Fragment and also Lost Song have taken. I constantly think it provides it a lot more engaging to play than simply playing with a story you’ve already seen. Sword arts Online: shed Song does follow on indigenous the occasions of Hollow Fragment, despite it needs no prior expertise of it. However, that does expose a spoiler around a details character at an early stage that’s nice unavoidable, simply something to keep it mental if you’ve set on playing through Hollow Fragment first.