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Did friend think that the Administrator would put clothing on? Of course not. Did friend think that you would acquire to check out badass Kirito in action once more? Of course you did. Did girlfriend think that the ‘Chudelkin Fire Genie’ fight would certainly be dragged for much more than one episode? Well, think again because everything connected to action in this illustration happened method too fast: Eugeo, Kirito, and Alice beat Genie in split seconds. Another more powerful opponent by the name of sword Golem take it his place, however he was soon knocked the end by the Cardinal in the blink of one eye.

Japanese original Episode Title: 剣の巨人


Alice start fighting the Genie when leaving an opened for Kirito and Eugeo. Kirito comes up with a plan to strike Chudelkin directly, that is swiftly defeated by his power that merged incarnate arts and his Aincrad knife skills. Alice and also Kirito try to factor with the Administrator but it is impossible to readjust her ideas and way of thinking. She then summons a creature made out of swords and Kirito, Alice, and also Eugeo find themselves can not to fight versus it. Kirito and Alice gain badly wounded, and when every little thing seems hopeless, Charlotte, the monitoring unit indigenous the Cardinal in the type of a spider, jumps into battle and tries to defend them. Eugeo is offered instructions come stab the dagger right into the floor that ends up opened a portal and the Cardinal appears and also knocks down the Golem v a lightning strike, heals Kirito and Alice, and also mourns Charlotte’s death.

Episode Highlights

Was the it? We have been hyped because that this ‘secret technique’ that Kirito for such a long time and we didn’t also get to watch it for more than five seconds. No explanation, no nothing. I have to say that I am relatively disappointed by this. Even if he describes it later, the action in this entirety episode was so anticlimactic, that just didn’t work-related for me.

That’s quite ironic: So, as soon as Quinella was going all about how she wanted to revolve the Knights into dolls that have no should feel and starts talking about what true strength is to her, she mentions the the factor why she created Sword Golem, was since she want to have actually ‘soulless killers’ to work-related for her. No this sound sort of familiar? She plot the same method her creators react through her and also her totality world. Is this inception in ~ this suggest or is it just very ironic?

Did Charlotte simply die? Alright, that scene had me walking from: ‘What the hell? Alice got injured?’ come ‘Oh, currently Kirito is injured as well’ and also finally ‘Oh NO castle didn’t.’ Why would certainly you death the negative tiny spider Charlotte? No one even remembered she at this allude but still, don’t bring such feels into the battlefield. Nevertheless, ns think the story v NPCs occurring their own feelings and also emotions every time castle come close to Kirito, is obtaining quite old at this point. And why walk the Cardinal heal Kirito and also Alice but left Charlotte die like that? She deserve to manipulate time and room but cannot conserve the life of one of her ‘minions’?

Themes & Trivia

The Vorpal Strike: So, if you room an anime-only viewer, you might be quite puzzled with the powers that Kirito demonstrated in this episode and also that’s totally understandable because there is not that lot context about it in the animated version of the SAO series. The only thing that I have the right to remember was during the 2nd season as soon as he is fighting fatality Gun and he says: ‘That half-ass Vorpal Strike friend just did? if the genuine you saw it, he’d shake his head.’ combining some information indigenous the wiki and also the reddit thread, I found out the following: Vorpal to win was among Kirito’s most used an abilities in Aincrad. He offered it for this reason often and was so famed for the that also his adversaries respected it. After getting out of SAO, he never ever used it again since he didn’t desire to psychic his black Swordsman days and also personality.

In this case, he supplied it through Chudelkin since he to be fifteen meters far from him and the longest assault that he to know is the Vorpal Strike. But this skill has only a five meter range, therefore he used some Incarnation arts to do his skill selection longer.


When Alice stated that they have ten secs to death Chudelkin, I never expected the fight to last for specifically ten seconds. Suddenly, it feels like Sword art Online: Alicization is gift rushed too much.

Admin, you hole fool!

Are us going to check out the Cardinal fight with the Administrator now? Or is everyone going to fight the sword Golen first and then attend to the naked lady?

NEXT TIME: ‘Administrator’

Sword art Online: Alicization

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