Sometimes we are fairly without intention to put some item on a wrong character. How might we make it up? Today’s short article will offer a overview on swtor deliver items between characters, too some advice for legend player transfer.

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How to carry unbound items native a personality to another?

Generally speaking, as long as this two personalities are on the very same server, you deserve to mail anything that is no bound come you to an alt. That means, any type of BoE or BoL item deserve to be mailed to an alt. Additionally, this is the only way to execute cross-faction mail. If you desire to send something to an Imp from her Pub, you"ll have to funnel it with your Imp alt or their Pub alt first.

How to transfer swtor bound items between characters?

Usually, the bound items can not be transferred. But there is an exemption to cartel items. If the is something you buy on the Cartel Market, favor weapon, pet, and also vehicle, you deserve to unlock a copy in collections because that your entire account for between 60 and also 400 cartel coins. Below are the steps:

1. Open up your inventory and click the "Collections" symbol in the reduced left that the inventory, which opens the collection window.

2. Filter items by picking "show collected" from the dropdown menu at the top-right the the collections window, and find which bound item fits into in collection.

3. Click the cartel coin icon in the corner of the item"s portrait, and also a popup will ask if you want to salary xx CCs to unlock the item.

4. Check any variety of copies of that item the you desire for free.

Tips for legend player move in Swtor

Legendary status is a reward for players who had completed every 8 class Stories every the means through plot 3. As soon as you complete all of the course main stories, you deserve to transfer your main and some alt end to an additional server. There, every little thing in your achievements will go through you, including legendary player title, her unlocked stronghold rooms, an individual cargo and also inventory. Yet you will lose your name and outfits.

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