var jqxhr = $.getJSON( "main.json", function(data) return data;);var json;home window.onload = function() var jsonTxt = jqxhr.responseText; jkid = JSON.parse(jsonTxt); ....But eexceptionally 10th attempt or so i acquire the adhering to error:

Uncaptured SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at place 0at JSON.parse ()at home window.onfill (profile.js:8)It"s really annoying, bereason it will leave my page blank. I perform think it has actually something to carry out via me trying to parse the JSON wrong - or something. I really do not recognize and I"m looking forward to any type of sort of answer that can lead me to the settle. Thank you.

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That unsupposed "u" is the first letter of the string "undefined". It happens because your 2 asynchronous operations (i.e. loading the JSON and also loading the window) are racing to completion, and also if the JSON isn"t loaded fast sufficient, the window.onfill method will attempt to parse the JSON string that isn"t loaded yet.

A solution is to move the JSON loading inside the onfill even handler. Furthermore, the whole suggest of getJSON is that it currently parses the response for you as a JSON object, so tbelow is no require for JSON.parse():

home window.onpack = function() $.getJSON( "main.json", function(json) // process the results here );


Insert a shot capture block wbelow the JSON.parse() is referred to as.

It is possible that the message itself is not JSON.

For example...

I think this is the problem bereason if response message is unidentified, the char "u" is at place 0. So JSON.parse() is functioning through a string. Not a javascript-object-notation text file.

if(response !== undefined) try // do parse catch(errror) console.error("Not a JSON response")


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