The protagonist of tales from the Borderlands, Rhys Strongfork has led rather an exciting life. What are some lesser-known facts around the character?

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Rhys Strongfork is the fan-favorite, augmented, CEO that the Atlas Corporation in ~ the Borderlands series. The made his initial debut in TellTale"s Tales from The Borderlands game, whereby he and the other protagonist, Fiona, attempt to unravel a an enig behind the Atlas Corporation and the ties come The Vault the the Traveler on Pandora.

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In Borderlands 3, Rhys is especially in a much less protagonistic duty but has actually echoes the the charm the made the so endearing in his first appearance. In spite of surface-level details though, not much is known around the ambitious, young, industrialist. Come remedy this, below are ten lesser-known facts around Rhys.

10 Augmentation because that Progression

Borderlands 3 Rhys CEO that Atlas holding Hologram
Firstly, the most obvious and striking features around Rhys Strongfork are certainly his augmentations – the ECHO-Eye and also his robotic arm. What players could not know around these body enhancements is how exactly Rhys got them and for what reason.

according to dialogue early in Tales native The Borderlands, Rhys claims that that purchased these enhancements with a quarterly bonus in bespeak to possess a competitive edge in the corporate civilization of Hyperion Industries. What is even more obscure is the Rhys winner this bonus by top the charge on a controversial yet helpful Eridium mining deal.

Tales from The Borderlands The Vault that The Traveler
by the end of Tales indigenous The Borderlands, Rhys and Fiona have uncovered Atlas" tricks on Pandora and also have obtained entry to the Vault the the Traveler. For many fans, it was uncertain what precisely these 2 protagonists would find within, as precedent establishes an extraterrestrial chamber fill with lots of guns.

But Tales was a story-focused video game with very tiny shooting excellent by the players. For this reason what can this distinct Vault have to offer? The answer come that question is: unknown. When Fiona and Rhys method the key chest in ~ the Vault, both characters disappear in a flash of light. The next games in the series never describe what castle found, however given Rhys" effective career afterward, inferences can be made.

Troy Baker and also Rhys Strongfork story From The Borderlands
Within Tales indigenous The Borderlands, Rhys can be viewed wearing striped, vibrant socks. Given the in its entirety style and personality the his character, the idea that he go not favor to undertake plain, single-tone socks is no all the surprising. However, the link goes deeper 보다 that.

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Rhys" voice gibbs is the venerable trojan Baker. The gibbs is responsible because that voicing personalities like Booker DeWitt of Bioshock Infinite, Joel of The last of Us, and also Talion of Middle Earth: shadow of War, just to surname a small choice of his job exploits. Baker is significant for expressing a love of having actually "no boring socks." TellTale added in this detail to draw a connection in between the voice actor and also his character.

Tales from The Borderlands Rhys Talking through Vaughn around Stacey
In a perfect world, one individual should never have to face an unfavorable judgment based on a an individual taste or preference. Unfortunately for Rhys, he does not live in a perfect world. According to an in-game succession in Tales wherein players access Rhys" Viper Drive, he own a password and also hint the implicates him together being a lover that the frogurt flavor cacao Dill Pickle.

Now, the course, to every their very own tastes; however, there is a reason why many flavor choices do not include "Chocolate Dill Pickle" and that factor is the it is strange. Absolutely bizarre.

after ~ the occasions of Tales and before the events of Borderlands 3, it is well-known that Rhys becomes the owner and CEO that the Atlas Corporation, a gun manufacturer that had basically been ruined because the occasions of the first Borderlands game. Because of this well-established fact, when Rhys first approached the notable gun salesman and also entrepreneur Markus Kincaid around getting in ~ above the ground floor of the corporation"s revival, the latter originally laughed the young man away, doubting he would ever succeed.

yet as Borderlands 3 proves, Markus to be wrong about Rhys and ends up obtaining into a partnership with him in ~ a disadvantage. It is implied with ECHO-logs that what Rhys discovered in the Vault may have actually aided in Atlas" revival, but as of this writing, this has actually not however been official confirmed.

In Borderlands 3, Rhys has obtained several allies in his manage of the Atlas Corporation, among them also being a previous protagonist, the assassin, Zer0. Another such ally is among the major quest-givers top top the world of Promethea, a hot-headed mercenary v a heart of gold, Lorelei.

offered Lorelei"s proficiency v firearms and leadership skills, one would think she has actually quite an interesting backstory. Opposing is the case, as Lorelei was a an easy barista in ~ a coffee shop top top Promethea who got caught up in Maliwan"s invasion. She actually just gets rental by Rhys because he frequented a coffee shop wherein her violent nature was sometimes made evident due to annoying patrons.

If players in Borderlands 3 space keen on trying out the backstory the characters and also the cosmos at large, they deserve to encounter a rather exciting ECHO-log in Atlas HQ on Promethea recorded by Rhys himself. In it, the is having actually a conversation through Zer0, asking if the has any kind of leads on detect someone. The only thing well-known for details is that, based upon the pronouns he uses, Rhys is searching for a woman.

Now, the most noticeable guesses because that this person"s identity are that she is either Fiona or her younger sister, Sasha. As of the most recent games, it is not known where they space or if either is still alive. The situation for Fiona is her and also Rhys" cooperation throughout Tales; however, given the truth that Sasha and Rhys shared a common attraction and the fact that he has a photo of she on his desk, it is much more likely the she is the person in question.

speak of Atlas corporation, many fans have probably missed how specifically Rhys gained the firm in the first place. The price lies v Handsome Jack, or more specifically, it lies within his office aboard the Helios room station.

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once Rhys is conversing with the hologram of Jack in his office and subsequently survives his betrayal, Rhys i found it at one suggest that Jack possessed the certificate of property for the corporation. At some point, Rhys acquired that certificate, whether while in the office or amongst the wreckage, and also he would go on to regain the dead firm back to notoriety indigenous the ground up.

Vaughn has actually one that the most interesting character arcs within the entire Borderlands series, also as more staying power 보다 anyone can have guessed. The as soon as lowly Hyperion accountant turned former bandit leader that the Sun-Smashers ~ above Pandora has actually been Rhys" ideal friend due to the fact that childhood.

their banter in Tales alone is few of the funniest in the franchise and does a an excellent job of showing just how long the pair have actually well-known one another. The is unfortunately to watch that Vaughn faces a bit of overlook from Rhys by the events of Borderlands 3, but his constant optimism and slight dips into insanity have actually helped him to still check out the personality as among his ideal buds.

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The final fact around Rhys Strongfork is the visibility of a concept that he might not it is in Rhys Strongfork in ~ all! as result of external situations that lead to a adjust in voice actors and also the enhancement of the controversial mustache come the character"s design, part fans have speculated the the Rhys players meet in Borderlands 3 is no the very same Rhys from Tales.

as result of Tales" mysterious ending involving Fiona and also Rhys, some believe he is still missing and that the person who runs Atlas copy, group is in reality some type of doppelganger. However, the creator of stated doppelganger and their intentions remain a secret at the moment.

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