I identify that friend have options when deciding to pursue your discovering goal and also I am delighted you made decision Tarrant ar College. I speak confidently because that our faculty and also staff once I say we are proud that you room a college student at TCC Northwest.

This fall, we room excited to welcome you earlier in-person for all classes, activities, and events. As you arrive on campus, you will notification that we are amid a significant redevelopment. We have actually demolished one building and also have begun construction top top the very first two new buildings. In 2023, we will certainly demolish an ext of our older buildings and include newer ones in their place. By 2026, us will have a modern, accessible, student prepared campus! We will certainly navigate this period of shift together. I desire you to recognize that the quality of your learning experience is necessary to us. We will do whatever we can to proceed to create a warm and also inviting location for you come learn.

At TCC, we desire to satisfy you wherein you are—whether friend are brand-new to college, to plan to transport to a university, return to get career certification, or enhancing your skills. We carry out a student-centered environment and focus our resources on college student learning, student development, and student success.

We think that quality education and learning is a appropriate not a privilege. Come this end, ours mission is to carry out affordable and also open access to quality teaching and also learning. We desire you to acknowledge you space welcome here. As component of our recurring commitment to equity and also social justice, we desire to was standing for other bigger than the collegiate programs we provide.

Community college is among the many impactful manifestations of equity the we have actually in this country, and also TCC Northwest is cursed to occurring the best traits the humanity, citizenship, and also community. We understand that indigenous matter, and actions should matter more. One way we room standing because that social justice and contributing to a an ext equitable civilization is through broadening our law enforcement academy"s maintain offerings in de-escalation techniques. We additionally have an energetic and vibrant Intercultural Network the provides meaningful programming on a constant basis to our students, faculty, and staff.

We identify that the pandemic can have magnified inequities and created specific difficulties. Us encourage friend to look for out technical and financial sources such as our device loan program, parking lot of wi-fi, and also the student Emergency help Fund.

While at TCC Northwest, i invite friend to make the many of her time by taking benefit of all the wonderful services available to you, both academic and non-academic. If girlfriend have concepts or proposal to do our campus an even much better learning environment, us welcome your input. You re welcome feel totally free to email NW.CampusFeedback

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I say thanks to you for permitting the TCC Northwest family members to be a component of your learning journey.

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Ns wish you much success together you job-related toward your future, and I encourage friend to continue to stay concentrated on her educational goal. Persist until you complete!