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----------------------------------------What a monster fight. Ns mean, slipping and nearly falling come death...yeah, that's not a cool method to go down. Looks prefer the episode thorough Raphtalia's previous in details since her parents' death. Felt poor for her and the kids tbh through the means they to be treated. It's no wonder Raphtalia hated that fat noble guy. Seeing Keel acquire treated choose dirt through those slave traders wasn't pleasant to watch if girlfriend ask me. Oh boy, that cliffhanger.

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This will be the many saddest and also emotional minute episode in entirety S1 beside iin last illustration 4 (naofumi caused the curse series)... This is the totality Rapthalia's ago story i beg your pardon she leaving in serene town until the first wave is coming where Rapthalia parent dies on the cliff while she scape by falling to the sea.after that the intrusion on the human kingdom that reason of many of the youngsters captured and also turn into a slave while she market to the slave trader that they naofumi and also she rotate a personal BG (bodyguard) until she went back to the ar to rescue Melty and other slave people including Rapthalia friends... By the method Barney the dinosaur is already release therefore I desire to watch the following episode (next week)

How did FUB make it through being stabbed and also falling out of a third floor home window like that? Is he a demihuman that some type too?
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Damm what one episode. My only question is how finest girl yes, really dint grow to dislike humans? She also pure for the world. If castle treat demis this way here and also in silvet they execute the exact same to humans i no be suprise if there a war in between this countrys
I said it before but contrasted to Raphtelia Naofumi come of throughout as an emo teenager v his "hatred" 보다 a disastrous character
Damn that CGI in ~ the end of the illustration was really bad...aside that this to be an amazing episode, ns really preferred this dramatic ton :)
This is the ideal episode yet, if not among the ideal episodes of the year, best up there v episode 11 of The Promised Neverland and Episode 5 of crowd Psycho 100.
wall even though i knew what to be coming ns still finished up in tears, props come the director of this illustration , VA's and also music everthing was remarkable without a doubt many emotional episode of this season.
The only method for demi human beings is to prosper by leveling increase or carry out they prosper by age like common humans? because Raphtalia looks means older 보다 her childhood friend.Other than that, the episode was great with.I expect the CGI won't be as well disappointingnext episode.
I just don't understand how is possible to someone dislike this episode (according to poll results)
Poor Raphtalia. I desire to provide her a hug. It's sweet the demi-humans adore Naofumi. Ns hope Naofumi will defend every one of them.

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bkptools said:I simply don't understand how is feasible to someone hate this episode (according to poll results)
Because it's cool to dislike anything that's well-known (and to continue watching it despite hating it). Every piece of arts is subjective and also I can really easily write up a scathing review of this illustration if I wanted to (contrived, predictable, emotionally manipulation, torture porn, edgy, blah, blah, blah), however I'm no going to due to the fact that I'm a decent human being. The top quality of a present is in the interpretation and one man's masterpiece is another man's appalling.
Farabeuf said:How did FUB survive being stabbed and falling the end of a 3rd floor window like that? Is he a demihuman the some sort too?
Am i the only one that finds it ironic the the just edgy ones right here are the haters who think it's cool to dislike on a popular display for the services of hating it? Masochism is no much longer in style, girlfriend know?
Why the hell to be there Swedish to sing in between 18:00 and also like 20:48 in a japanese anime?Here's the lyrics ns heard in the song and also a translation because that you non sweden weebsOriginal lyrics‘’En annan tid, då allt fanns kvar inuti mitt bröst, det är allt som jag. Sitt fjälla loss *Character talk over the song* en polare, under din vrå och jag kan höra hur syrsan spelar. *Character talk over the song* ett annat liv, en bortglömd stad som ingen minns utom jag. *Character talking over the song* ns varje träd finns sången kvar och jag kan känna hur skogen gråter.’’My translation of the lyrics‘’Another time, when every little thing were in my breast, that’s all ns am. It’s scaling autumn *character talk over the song* a buddy, under your corner and i can hear just how the mantis plays. *Character talking over the song* one more life, a forgotten city that no one remembers other than me. *Character talk over the song* in every tree, the track still exist and i can feel exactly how the woodland is crying.’’