Briana is a 26-year-old who stays with her strong-willed mother, Roxanne, and her opinionated sister, Brittany, in clear Orlando, FL. In high school, Briana became pregnant with her daughter Nova and also struggled come navigate parenthood with Nova"s father, Devoin. As soon as Nova to be six, Briana met DJ Luis and became pregnant again. Shortly after she finished things v Luis, baby Stella was born. Louis was not roughly for his daughter, and Briana had a feeling of deja vu, having gone v the same thing v Devoin. Year later, Devoin has actually been do a much more consistent effort as a father, however he still has actually some job-related to perform -- he recently forgot to pick Nova up from gymnastics, leaving she alone in a parking lot so late at night. Meanwhile, Luis continues to be a disappointment in Briana’s eyes, only seeing Stella a few times a year. Regardless of Devoin and Luis" shortcomings, Briana to know what it"s choose to flourish up with an lacking father and continues come fight because that the dads to step up so she girls won"t ever feel like she did as a child.

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Jade started her "Teen Mom" journey three years earlier on "Young + Pregnant" after having her daughter Kloie through boyfriend Sean. Your on-again, off-again romance was difficult on Jade, especially when Sean"s substance use issues jeopardized the household Jade wanted so badly. Despite the hardships, Jade i graduated from beauty beauty school and also went ~ above to open up her very own business. On this season the "Teen mommy 2," Jade"s relationships are placed under incredible strain when she goes to Miami for plastic surgery. Her family comes along to support her, yet instead, chaos ensues. Christy disappears with Jade"s painkiller prescription because that hours, leaving Jade screaming in pain and also fed up, and also Sean gets into an altercation v Jade"s dad. Will certainly Jade’s pursuit for a brand-new body result in the implosion of she family?

Kail is a motivated and also independent mother from a tiny town in Pennsylvania. As a teenager through no support from she family, she relocated in through her boyfriend Jo after coming to be pregnant through Isaac -- yet the fighting with Jo got so out of manage that Kail and Isaac moved out on your own. Kail eventually met Javi, a military man, and the two easily married and also had infant Lincoln. After cheating rumors plagued their relationship, Kail and also Javi divorced, and Kail fell in love through a guy who doesn"t desire to it is in on the show. Regardless of the couple"s ups and downs, Kail is steadfast on gift a good mom to their two sons, Lux and Creed, there is no the help of their father. ~ above this season the "Teen mother 2," Kail is still having trouble co-parenting through her sons" fathers however is confident that her new house, closer to Jo and also Javi, will settle her problems and also bring her peace.

Former cheerleader Leah had actually her twins, Aliannah hope ("Ali") and Aleeah elegant ("Gracie"), as soon as she was simply 17. From a small town in West Virginia, Leah sacrificed a lot for she kids, and also things got even harder once Ali arisen medical issues. Ali was ultimately diagnosed v a rare type of muscular dystrophy and is being monitored together she grows. Leah make the efforts to do things occupational for her daughters by marrying their dad, Corey, yet the marital relationship didn"t last, and also the pair divorced six months later. Leah tried to move on through marrying Jeremy, who"d end up being the father of her third daughter, Adalynn ("Addie") -- but Jeremy"s job forced him come be away for long stretches the time, and also he ultimately filed because that divorce. After a few rough years, Leah"s co-parenting relationships with both dads are in a great place, yet with COVID-19 threatening she family, Leah has to decide how to keep an immuno-compromised Ali safe while tho prioritizing the emotional well-being of every her daughters. Leah doesn’t have actually the deluxe of getting pandemic fatigue and also must it is in vigilant because that the services of she family.

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Seasons 1-10 – Stylish south Dakotan Chelsea dropped the end of high school during her an elderly year after having actually her daughter Aubree. Aubree"s dad Adam was in her life but also constantly in trouble through the law. He and also Chelsea were off and also on for years, but Chelsea met Cole and also found the happily ever before after she"d been searching for. She and also Cole acquired married, had son Watson and daughter Layne, and bought a plot of floor on i m sorry they setup to construct their dream home. V all the new, exciting additions, Aubree is growing up, too. Chelsea and Cole have to parent her v her preteen year -- whatever from obtaining a cell phone and braces to no much longer wanting to visit Adam"s parents" house. As Adam moves additional out of Aubree"s life, unable to make reserved visits or even school lunches, Chelsea and Cole must rather co-parent v his parents. As soon as Aubree asks come spend less time v them, Chelsea need to decide if it"s time to revise your visitation agreement and possibly go back to court.