Did everyone follow trial and error Solution's 30 day guide all the way through (90 days or close come it)? to be you satisfied through your results?


Also would prefer to listen people's thoughts on the high quality / similarity of trial and error Solution's CARS passages to the real deal. Ideal now, I'm tempted come buy your $25 for 5 part deal.

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I've take away TS1 and TS2 in the past pair days. The passages and also questions space noticeably harder than the AAMC Qpacks (I had ~80% in Qpack2 conversely, I'm getting 65% in TS). I enjoyed reading few of their passages, yet for the questions it seems prefer they purposely made every answer an option VERY similar. Come the point where you really need a deep knowledge of the passage in stimulate to pick out the "most correct" answer.

I think if you put in that lot time there is no a strategy you're bound to succeed. The said, your strategy does seem great but I'd skip the end on your tests personally. Check #1 is easily accessible for cost-free here: http://www.mytestingsolution.com/quizzes/t1-mcat-cars-practice-test-1/

The Kindle layout isn't yes, really the greatest either.

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I went through the 30 days duration and here's my take on it:

It was an excellent for keeping me accountable, but I have barely noticed rise on my CARS tests... Ns scored 126 on mine 1/23 MCAT, and also have to be scoring in between 125-127 because then.

My time HAS gained better, but that quiet hasn't provided me a score boost. I miss out top top "main idea" questions, "Reasoning beyond Text" questions, and "Reasoning in ~ the text" questions, i beg your pardon usually make up 1-2 inquiries per passage and also REALLY kills my score. I think this has an ext to perform with understanding on my part, however there has actually been little I can do to boost that making use of the TS book....

As far as the tests go, never ever took them due to the fact that I the opinion showed up to unanimous that they to be harder 보다 what the AAMC expects. It death my me confidence to get negative scores on exercise stuff without adding an unnecessary level of difficulty.

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I found that I got a lot more out that the Cambridge learning Videos due to the fact that he bring away you v passages and personally mirrors you things. Very recommend them.