Weekend of Appreciation

The U.S. Military will be celebrated at West Texas A&M University’s Weekend of evaluation from Nov. 12 to 14.

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Join united state for video game Days

Game Days space the ultimate college preview day experience for prospective students! during Game job you have the right to be a part of sommos.net campus life and also tradition.


We room One West

One West is the an extensive fundraising project designed to fuel WT 125: native the Panhandle to the World.


Admissions quick Track

Prospective Buffs deserve to now find out the likelihood that acceptance v minutes of completing the Admissions fast Track questionnaire in the WT mobile app.

Get free Money with the WT care Program

Funds provided by the higher Education Emergency Relief fund (HEERF) may be used to attend to financial hardship, including tuition and fees, housing and also more.

WT Spotlight

Keshon Cervantes share his passion for science and also how WT all set him because that his next step in the study world. "I will already have the skills and knowledge instilled right into me," Keshon says. "When i go come the next place, i don"t 2nd guess myself."

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WT was named the safest college in Texas and one the the height 10 in the country by YourLocalSecurity.com. See what makes us so secure!
WT awards roughly $5 million each year, averaging $1,200 per award for new and continuing students. 
We’re here to assist you v your jae won needs and also get girlfriend on the quick track to educational success.

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The WT 125: from the Panhandle come the world Generational setup looks forward a couple of decades, quite than a few years. Us are setting the target high: by 2035, once WT will its 125th anniversary, we will have actually attained doctoral standing in the Carnegie classifications of universities through a powerfully distinctive mission.