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Published by Johnson smith & Company, this is a brief pamphlet that has information top top things prefer oracles, divination, mesmerism, spiritism, talismans, charms and also spells.

This book has 96 pages in the PDF version.

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Excerpt native \"The publication of Forbidden Knowledge\"

He that would receive true dreams, have to keep a pure, undisturbed, and imaginative spirit, and also so write it that it may be do worthy the knowledge and government through the mind; for such a spirit is many fit for prophesying, and also is a most clear glass of all things. When, therefore, we room sound in body, no disturbed in mind, ours intellect no made dull by heavy meals and solid drink, not sad with poverty, not provoked with lust, no incited by any kind of vice, no stirred up by wrath or anger, no being irreligiously and profanely inclined, not given to levity nor shed in drunkenness, but, chastely going to bed, fall asleep, climate our pure and also divine soul being complimentary from every the evils over recited, and also separated from all hurtful thoughts— and now freed, through dreaming—is endowed through this divine spirit as an instrument, and also doth obtain those beams and representations which space darted down, as it were, and also shine forth from the divine Mind into itself, in a deifying glass.

There are four kinds that true dreams, viz., the first, matutine, i. E., between sleeping and waking; the second, that which one sees concerning another; the third, that whose translate is shown to the exact same dreamer in the nocturnal vision; and, lastly, that which is pertained to the very same dreamer in the nocturnal vision. However natural things and their own co-mixtures do likewise belong unto wise men, and also we often use such to obtain oracles from a spirit by a dream, which are neither by perfumes, unctions, meats, drinks, rings, seals, etc.

Now those who room desirous to receive oracles with a dream, permit them do themselves a ring of the sun or Saturn for this purpose. There are similarly images that dreams, which, being put under the head as soon as going to sleep, doth effectually offer true dreams of every little thing the psychic hath prior to determined or consulted upon, the practice of which is as follows:

Thou shalt make picture of the Sun, the figure whereof need to be a male sleeping upon the bosom of an angel; which thou shalt make as soon as Leo ascends, the sun being in the 9th house in Aries; climate you should write upon the number the surname of the effect desired, and also in the hand that the point of view the name and character that the intelligence of the Sun, which is Michael.

Let the same picture be make in Virgo ascending—Mercury gift fortunate in Aries in the ninth, or Gemini ascending, Mercury being fortunte in the ninth house in Aquarius—and let him be received by Saturn with a fortunate aspect, and permit the name of the spirit (which is Raphael) be composed upon it. Let the same an in similar way be made—Libra ascending, Venus being got from Mercury in Gemini in the 9th house —and write upon that the surname of the angel of Venus (which is Anael). Again you may make the same picture — Aquarius ascending, Saturn fortunately possessing the nine in his exaltation, which is Libra—and let over there be written upon it the name of the angel of Saturn (which is Cassial). The same may be made with Cancer ascending, the Moon being obtained by Jupiter and Venus in Pisces, and also being fortunately placed in the 9th house—and write upon it the spirit of the Moon (which is Gabriel).

There are an in similar way made ring of dreams of exorbitant efficacy, and there room rings of the Sun and also Saturn—-and the constellation of castle is, as soon as the Sun or Saturn ascend in their exaltation in the ninth, and when the Moon is joined to Saturn in the ninth, and in that sign which to be the ninth house of the nativity, and write and engrave upon the ring the name of the spirit of the sun or Saturn, and by these rules you may know how and by what means to constitute much more of yourself.

But recognize this, the such images work nothing (as lock are merely images), other than they room vivified by spiritual and celestial virtue, and chiefly through the ardent desire and firm will of the heart of the operator. However who can give a spirit to an image, or do a stone, or metal, or clay, or wood, or wax, or paper, come live? absolutely no man whatever, because that this arcanum doth not go into into an artist the a stiff neck. He just hath it that transcends the development of angels, and also comes come the very Archtype Himself. The tables that numbers likewise confer come the receiving of oracles, gift duly created under their very own constellations.

Therefore, he that is desirous the receiving true oracles by dreams, let the abstain from supper, indigenous drink, and also be otherwise well disposed, therefore his brain will be complimentary from turbulent vapors; permit him additionally have his bed-chamber fair and clean, exorcised and consecrated; climate let that perfume the same with some convenient fumigation, and let the anoint his holy places with part unguent efficacious hereunto, and put a ring of desires upon his finger; then let that take one of the images we have spoken of, and also place the same under his head; then let him deal with himself to sleep, meditating ~ above that thing which he desires to know. For this reason shall he get a most certain and unexpected oracle through a dream when the Moon goes through the sign of the ninth transformation of his nativity, and also she is in the nine sign from the sign of perfection.

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This is the way whereby us may obtain all sciences and also arts whatsoever, even if it is astrology, occult philosophy, physic, etc., or else suddenly and also perfectly with a true illumination of ours intellect, although all inferior familiar spirits whatsoever conduce come this effect, and sometimes likewise evil spirits sensibly inform us, intrinsically and also extrinsically.