It is common knowledge that, favor anime is adapted from manga, a most light novels get adjusted into manga. The renowned anime series, The adversary is a Part-Timer!, was adjusted from a irradiate novel by the very same name, written by Satoshi Wagahara. The novel has actually 27 volumes and ran indigenous 2011 it rotates 2020. In respectable 2020, Wagahara lastly completed his novel. The ending was, however, extremely criticized by numerous fans.

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Shortly after the light novel ended, Wagahara released one more light novel in September 2020. Wagahara’s brand-new novel, Dracula Yakin!, is yet one more comedy through a similar concept come his ahead work. In 2021, it was announced that this irradiate novel would obtain a manga adaptation. Fans who have been disappointed by the end of The devil is a Part-Timer are hoping to get a far better end this time.

The evil one is a Part-Timer! Creator’s brand-new novel Dracula Yakin! Novels acquired a manga. Here’s what we know of the Dracula Yakin! Novels and its manga adaptation.

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Dracula Yakin! Novel Series

The Dracula Yakin! Novel series by Satoshi Wagahara was released in September 2020. Once again, Wagahara has actually introduced mythological elements and also mixed them with comedy. The two main personalities are arch-rivals (again). Let’s expect this new novel series does not satisfy the same end as The devil is a Part-Timer series.

Dracula Yakin PVNew job-related by the writer of adversary is a Part-timerAbout Dracula working in convienience store.There is likewise a Vampire Hunter girl that wishes to take it him down. Https://