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I"ve always beenfascinated v rounds.Here is one of my favorites...

THE FRUIT that THESPIRIT(3 component round, from Galatians5:22-23)

The fruit that the spirit is love, joy, peace,Patience, kindness and also goodnessThe fruit that the soul is faithfulness,Gentleness, self-control

Holy soul fill meMore favor Jesus may I beLiving only for His gloryTelling others around Him

For Jesus is love, joy, peace,Patience, kindness and goodnessJesus is faithfulness,Gentleness, self-control

The fruit of the soul is love, joy, peace,Patience, kindness and goodnessThe fruit the the heart is faithfulness,Gentleness, self-control


Ralph Merrifield MP3The Fruit the The Spirit

Johan KomrijKaraoke video clip with vocal (RT) The Fruit that The Spirit

Ron TildenMIDI The Fruit that The Spirit

Johan KomrijSheet Music The Fruit the The Spirit

Johan KomrijKaraoke video (RT) The Fruit that The Spirit

Johan KomrijKaraoke video clip (BM) The Fruit that The Spirit

Adrian V. MillerSheet Music The Fruit of The Spirit

Adrian V. MillerMIDI The Fruit of The Spirit

Bob boy name MIDI handbell arrangementThe Fruit the The soul (MIDI)The Fruit of The spirit (PDF paper music)

Listen come of Bob"s various other handbell arrangements

The faith Choristers (Singapore) have actually sung "The Fruit the the Spirit" !See their YouTube video

In 2012, Beverly Cracknell produced a YouTube video using Ralph"s recording of this song.It has actually been perceived over 60 thousand times !!


Pleaselet me know just how we can acquire the words/music to thechildren"s track - "The Fruit the the Spirit". We are thinking aboutusing the atour women"s retreat along with the sign language to it.(Email indigenous Sherry)

"We will be distinct music because that a women"s occasion held right here in Ely. Many women throughout the northlandare traveling to fulfill for a WELCA meeting. I am going come speak the the happiness your musichas provided me personally... Ns will cite your name and website too.

The song tomorrow are "The Fruit of The Spirit", "Your Grace"... And"If we Walk in the Light." (Karin, from Minnesota)

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We are doing a Sunday School collection about the Fruit that the Spirit. Theages are 4 years to about 4th grade... Us are additionally planning top top doingsigns for all the fruit (to show) if we are singing her song.(email from Tom)
Iwas in search of a song pointing out the Fruit that the Spiritand then I uncovered this standard one of yours!Our Sunday School kids enjoyed it - above all, that isnow positioned on your mind and I to be surethey won"t forget the bible verse.(Daniel, from India)

We are very first grade teacher at a exclusive Episcopal school.Our students examine the fruit of the spirit, memorizingScripture and also prayers monthly. We are doing a culminatingactivity for our Chapel service and also would love to song your songabout the fruit the the spirit. (Terry & Elizabeth, Trinity institution in Texas)
Iwas therefore happy to uncover your track (The Fruit of The Spirit).It"s great and I"m certain we will be utilizing it for our young ones"(Lynette, fromIowa)

"Thank you an extremely much for the track "The Fruit the the Spirit".I teach itto the children of a nice tiny homeschool in Austria.I want to reprint it..." (Samuel, native Austria)
"Ijust want to give thanks to you for your wonderful website and also lovely music. Mydaughter, Valerie (16), is help to command the children"s regime for agroup of youngsters in the country of Turkey! The layout verse is on the fruit ofthe spirit. Us were searching the internet for songs and also crafts when we cameacross your site. Valerie has actually been practicing the tune all week and also it"ssuch a catchy track that I find myself humming it all the time."
(Sandra, fromTurkey)

We got this e-mail froma member of theChinese EvangelicalFree Church in Los Angeles, California.My cell group, called "FruitfulSpirit", will be 1 year old this Juneand us will have a solemn event this month.Your song, "The Fruit the The Spirit" is exactly our group discipline:"The fruit of the heart is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and also self-control."We would favor to usage this track to it is in our group songand song it at our 1st anniversary celebration.

... I am the lay chaplain at the good Shepherd Episcopal institution in Dallas. We are a Pre-k/8thgrade institution with approx. 585 students. We are producing a “Home Grown” music record of all the grade levels singing several of their favoritechapel songs.… our score is to develop 250 CD’s. We would love to include your song "The Fruit of the Spirit" in our recording. (Rhonda, from Texas)

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Here is a note of appreciation because that the 3 component round track you composed calledThe Fruit the the Spirit." ns learned it as soon as I remained in school and also now i amcurrently teaching school and I am teaching it as well my students. (Loren, native Oregon)
Recorded on: "In The expertise Of Him"

You have our encouragement and also permissionto duplicate and share this track for every "not-for-profit" purposes(ie. This firm worship, overheads, songbooks, web sites, give-away copies).Please contact brand-new Hope for other uses. Many thanks !!!