Group: Secondary Quests

Location: Novigrad

At some suggest in the game, one announcer will appear on the Hierarch Square in Novigrad and also start calling because that participants to take part in the memorial derby. To start this quest take An invite to the Memorial Derby lying on the table beside him and read it.

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The Vegelbud family"s out-of-town legacy was famous not just for its lover guardians and sumptuous banquets, but likewise for the collection of steed races arranged there in honor of one of the line"s illustrious ancestors, Erasmus. Geralt, who had actually spent a an excellent many year in the saddle, chose to test his mettle in this derby - lured, perhaps, through the sizable reward promised to the victor.

Note: This quest is put on hold during the "Carnal Sins" quest.

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An invite to the Memorial DerbyVelen / Novigrad

Vegelbud ResidenceVelen / Novigrad

Cleaver"s HeadquartersVelen / Novigrad

1. Speak to the master of ceremonies because that the Vegelbuds" race. / talk to the grasp of ceremonies to begin the race.

Go come the beginning line, i beg your pardon is close to the Vegelbud Residence and talk to the gyeongju master. When you have actually paid 100 crowns of entry fee, friend will have the ability to take part in the first race.

2. Beat the very first rider. / to win the second rider. / beat Luc Vegelbud.

The entirety derby will certainly consist of 3 races, ensuing on relatively long and also different routes and at various times of work or weather. The entry fee for each the the races will be 100 crowns. After winning girlfriend will receive a particular amount that crowns and also a prize.

1st race: superior racing saddle (50 stamina), 160 crowns2nd race: rough saddlebags (70 maximum inventory weight), 160 crowns3rd race: Superior mounties saddle (70 Stamina), 200 crowns

After to win the last race you will certainly receive second 80 crowns and also when you space leaving the gyeongju area you will be hooked through a messenger from Cleaver that will hand girlfriend a letter from him.

3. Review the letter girlfriend received.

Read the article from Carlo Varese.

Message indigenous Carlo Varese


I"ve heard about your success in the Vegelbuds" Derby. Together talent shouldn"t walk to rubbish - in fact, it requirements to develop, and to make certain it develops, it demands to it is in generously rewarded.

If you"re interested in either breakthrough or the reward, come visit me in ~ my normal headquarters.


4. Speak to Cleaver around the letter. / return to Cleaver and talk come him about the race.

You"ll discover Cleaver in ~ his headquarters in Novigrad. He will sell you to take component in one illegal race and promises a big prize if friend win due to the fact that he wants to bet a huge amount that money on her win. You can start the race immediately or postpone it till later.

The Vegelbud gyeongju segued right into an unexpected encore. Cleaver, among the Novigrad crime lords, to be so impression by the witcher"s talk prowess that he available him the possibility to take part in the equally famed (though illegal) race arranged by the regional underworld.

5. It is in the very first past the finish line.

The race will take location after dark in the areas south the Novigrad and also it will be a an extremely long race. If friend win, Cleaver will be really happy and you will get 700 crowns, and also Racing horse blinders (40 Horse"s are afraid Level) from the + 40 crowns because that winning a race. The course, if you lose, Cleaver will certainly be pissed turn off at you and also you"ll get nothing native him.

Note: win in this race is vital to get the "Fast and Furious" achievement.

Though the nighttime race was rife with obstacles, Geralt controlled to success it together well. Sadly, he to be not provided long come celebrate his triumph, because that the city guard, alarmed by the ruckus of galloping steeds at an hour when decent people should it is in asleep, broke up the event and scattered that participants.

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