The King Is Dead — long Live The King is one of The Witcher 3’s key quests, taking place shortly after ~ Geralt arrives in Skellige for the an initial time.

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after ~ reuniting through Yennefer on the Kaer Trolde docks amidst an recurring funeral for the previous King Bran, Geralt and also the sorceress agree to attend the wake up together, catalyzing this quest. Ironically, this somber occasion plays a pivotal function in romancing Yennefer and provides the chance to indulge in the stormy lovebirds' first romance step of the game.

Dressing because that The Occasion

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If Geralt desires to begin on Yenn’s an excellent side, he’ll must dress come impress, and more importantly, complement his sorceress in the dress clothing she has actually laid out for him in she room at the Kaer Trolde Harbor. Geralt will certainly find Yennefer's room in ~ the back of the inn to the left. The is a large room v a megascope and also all too familiar unicorn. Seize the formal attire indigenous the trunk in ~ the finish of Yennefer’s bed and equip the outfit on Geralt.

Now, if Geralt has actually gone with this extra effort to complement his sorceress, he will must wear the formalwear all the means up come the save to satisfy up v her. It’s necessary to save the outfit on once Geralt is put on it. That’s because unequipping and also re-equipping the outfit may trigger a bug where Yenn doesn't acknowledge Geralt placing his finest foot forward, and the quest proceeds as despite the witcher go not fulfill the sorceress’s request.

also if Geralt dons the Nilfgaardian dresswear, he may have kept ~ above hand indigenous his imperial Audience with Emperor Emhyr, i beg your pardon is practically the same make together the outfit Yennefer has selected, the sorceresses indict were specific and no other outfit will certainly do.

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how amazing no one, the wake up of the previous King is a extremely political one, catching Geralt increase in a pair of mini-quests with assorted nobles ideal from the start.

Racing Cerys

As quickly as Geralt and also Yenn get in the hall, castle are got by one usher and also sat through Cerys one Craite and also a couple of other Skelligers vying for the crown. The conversation the ensues gift Geralt v the alternative to race Cerys for an additional 150 XP.

The witcher will earn this experience bonus even if it is he wins or not, together Geralt will both win or lose graciously, granting Cerys the reputation an increase she was looking for among her other Skelligers. There’s no harm in postponing the race for one more time, however why pass up totally free experience?

Yenn will certainly pull Geralt away quickly after regardless of the race's result to discuss “private matters.” From right here on out, Yenn will primarily lead she witcher with the remainder of the quest. Yet there are numerous other locations to acquire hung up on.

Fist Fight with Madman Lugos

prior to leaving the hall, Geralt and Yenn will certainly run right into the center of a dispute in i m sorry Madman Lugos will revolve his insults on Yenn. Geralt then has the decision to start an altercation v the Jarl in Yenn's defense, which will lead to a fistfight versus Madman Lugos for one more 150 XP if Geralt wins. However, be wary in accepting this challenge if girlfriend haven’t master fist fights yet, as Madman Lugos is a challenging level 30 brawler.

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pointing out Private Matters

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after ~ they’ve slipped out of the banquet hall, Yenn proposes breaking right into Ermion’s laboratory with the objective of retrieving the Mask the Uroboros. Once the sorceress makes a suggestion, it nearly always provides Geralt's opinion irrelevant, so tell Yenn every little thing you wish; Geralt will need to proceed following her regardless.

Ermion’s Laboratory

~ above their method to the laboratory, the two uncover themselves in a showroom with plenty of taxidermied animals. Upon trying to exit, Geralt cut himself and begins to hallucinate together the stuffed figures concerned life, so get ready for a fight.

as soon as in Ermion’s laboratory, Geralt demands to search approximately using his witcher senses, collecting assorted objects until he comes across a mug of mead, which will certainly look much more like a chalice. Geralt will should place the cup in the statue’s hand to open a secret passageway beyond.

This will bring about a cavern hold the Mask the Uroboros, but it is guarded by an Earth Elemental. Despite Yenn does contribute to the fight with her sorcery, Geralt must still prepare because that the fight by coating his silver sword in Elementa Oil. Utilizing Aard transparent the fight have the right to briefly shock the golem and create small windows of opportunity for Geralt come strike.

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An immediate Rendezvous

acquisition up the mask cause a booby-trap, causing the room to fill through toxic gas. Regardless of the life or death situation, this is the witcher's moment to gain his on-again-off-again relationship with Yennefer earlier on track.

By selecting "I want to kiss you, Yenn." as his very first thought, the sorceress will teleport both that them come the safety and security of her room. Geralt will then need to choose to monitor Yenn as she measures away to sew her dress. By doing this, Geralt will certainly incite a long-overdue reunion combine Yenn's favourite unicorn prior to returning come the wake.


The Future leader of Skellige

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The culmination of events ends with the main start come Skellige's search for a new King or Queen and Geralt's continued search because that Ciri with some assist from Crach an Crait. In return, however, Crach asks Geralt to assist his children, Hjalmar and also Cerys, charging the witcher v two subsequent secondary quests.

Hjalmar has set off come the isle the Undvik to defeat the infamous ice gigantic that dwells there and prove himself worthy of the Skelligan crown. Crach wants Geralt to pursue his kid to aid Hjalmar achieve this feat in The lord of Undvik quest.

Cerys, favor her brother, has actually taken off to attain a feat befitting the following Skelliger ruler and also lift a curse ~ above Jarl Udalryk. Crach would prefer Geralt to convince his daughter come come home, yet the renowned white wolf proves no match against Cerys’ stole will and also resigns to aid her elevator the curse in the next quest, Possession.