Bears, Beets, Battlestar Gallactica, and also the finest game night ever. Introducing What do You Meme? The Office edition -- that"s right, your favorite show and also favorite video game have join forces. Through 300 caption cards and 75 photograph cards, you"ll create hilarious memes through the iconic personalities of Dunder Mifflin and also all her favorite moments from the show. It"s almost far better than Pretzel Day.

Adults Only: This game has adult content and was created for ages 17+. There space some points you just can’t unhear. Trust united state on this one.

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300 caption Cards75 picture CardsEasel because that Displaying meme CardsGame InstructionsPrinted top top premium playing cards (thick through gloss finish); shrink-wrapped in a custom box.

It"s the same video game play as the OG. Complete with your friends and family to create the funniest memes out of her favorite characters and also moments indigenous The Office. Execute this through using one of your dealt caption cards to inscription the photograph card in play. A rotating judge choose the to win combo every round!

Jonathan Pedrone
This is a yes, really easy game to play, and an excellent for fans of the TV show The Office. The game is a version of the What do you meme game, yet this one is based upon The Office. Players develop memes based upon a picture, and the results have the right to be hilarious. Perfect for game night, and also for adults. This video game is really funny if you space a pan of The Office. If you have actually not checked out the show, the jokes will certainly not make sense, however if you have actually a group of Office fans, it will certainly be a the majority of fun. Additionally makes a good gift because that someone who is an Office fanatic.

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“This is me”
So much we"ve only played with large fans of The Office. I feel favor to totally appreciate it, it will certainly be players the are really familiar through events/scenes of the show. We gain playing and find that to be funny and also to bring on around different parts of the show. You"re usually mis-matching funny moments/scenes with other funny moments/scenes from the show. I left a star turn off because, while I perform enjoy it, I favor it best mixed-in v non-office layout cards. Note, I believe there"s a previous growth pack themed the The Office, though, I"ve never played with those to have the ability to compare them. Overall, it"s fun, it"s The Office, the pictures particularly crack me increase (one of the an excellent things around the present are your facial expressions