This picture was taken during our annual family hiking tourism in 2010.

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It’s been specifically twelve months since my composing journey began.

June 2017 to be a busy and very exciting period in my life. That was simply two months prior to my wedding. I had likewise turned 30 previously that year and it hit me that it was around time because that me to start moving in the direction of my dreams.

I had been writing already for some time however it took me a when to do the very first step and also share my writing v the world.

Only those of you that have ever hit the i announced button and have post something very personal know exactly how terrifying the feels to be vulnerable and to expose your thoughts and also ideas to possible criticism.

How will certainly the human being I understand react to what ns am saying?

Will lock think that I have lost my mind?


Will ns be accepted for that I really am?

To be an extremely honest i was for this reason anxious once I was around to publish my very first article that my husband to be the one who actually pressed the publish button for me. And also I to be glad the did.

Throughout the last twelve months I have written about topics varying from fear, failure, kindness, gift grateful, reaching out for help to finding your purpose and also becoming the person you want to be.

I am no an expert on this topics however to be honest each short article has teach me something: about the subject itself and certainly about myself.

You think the has always been easy?

Hell no!

Last February, for example, i was so busy at work that I had no motivation to write yet I still managed to dig deep and make the happen.

My article around failure was virtually complete failure: I wanted to to speak so lot on the topic that the short article became means too long and also my thoughts and also ideas were too messy.

Basically, when faced with any kind the a battle I have thought about quitting as I no feel ns was amazing or capable enough come continue…

And yet right here I am celebrate my one year writing anniversary.

Not only have actually I preserved on writing and also publishing top top a monthly basis yet I am additionally currently considering launching my very own website.

Last June there was no one who might possibly convince me that I necessary to have actually my own website. Even though many people tried.

I to be told that LinkedIn was not the most suitable place for a blog. However, thinking around the structure, the design, the content, the hosting and everything rather that needs to it is in in place prior to you start a website to be too big of a obstacle to begin writing in the first place.

I am certain that if ns would have actually pursued the website idea ns wouldn’t have published a single article till now.

Why would certainly LinkedIn not be the best place?

What i write around is what i care around and if i don’t re-publishing it v my network climate what ns am doing it for?

That’s why I chose to overlook all the reasonable suggestions and also advice indigenous the people approximately me and also to execute what felt right to me at that moment:

Trust my very own intuition

no matter exactly how irrational it might seem to others.

I just opened LinkedIn, copy-pasted the text of my very an initial article and pressed the publish switch (well, as I already told you mine husband go ;-) )

The factor I am share my story v you is not due to the fact that I desire to brag around my success.

It’s no that I have a huge list of pendant or fans. My write-ups don’t walk viral and, no, i don’t get any type of offers because that paid writing assignments.

For the first time in my life, getting to the final destination is no my goal.

The trip itself is.

The whole processes is what provides me the many satisfaction: indigenous the idea generation stage, through creating the Ugly first Draft, editing and playing v my very own words, asking for feedback to the excited of publishing.

And many importantly, the feeling of relief the I will not leave this civilization with my words unspoken…



Then come the anticipation of the an initial reactions. For me it is sufficient even if only one of you ever benefits in some method from what I have shared.

For some articles I have actually reached out to human being who have actually inspired me with their indigenous or deeds. I have actually asked feedback native friends and family. Ns have linked with complete strangers and also complete strangers have actually contacted me after analysis my stories.

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It’s been a hell of a journey and the best component of the is that I have actually no idea whereby this journey will take me to.