I actually uncovered this drama by accident and also decided to try it since of the crime-solving and mystery content. I am surprisingly pleased by the drama therefore far, despite mostly since of Zhang Yu Jian!!!

And no… This drama has actually nothing to perform with farming, in spite of its name. Sigh…


Title: The plough Department the Song empire (大宋北斗司)# the Episodes: 36Release Date: march 19th, 2019Where to Watch: YouTube


Why go I begin watching this?Zhang Yu Jian has actually surprisingly captured my eye with his acting freshly (especially together Zhao Lan Zhi in An eastern Odyssey). So, once I coincidentally came across this drama, I made decision to clock it since he remained in here. Unfortunately, he isn’t the main lead and also plays the an additional male lead (which ns don’t recognize why since he’s a good actor). However whatever…

PlotThe till department is an upstream police organization that just takes orders from the emperor. Because of their elite status, they take on the many important and special cases. Because of this, each member in the till Department is known to have actually a distinct ability.

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The drama stars off v Yao Guang and Sui Feng solving a case about a fox demon that takes on the shape of a beautiful woman that has been haunting people. As Sui Feng lures the fox demon out, Yao Guang abruptly intervenes believing that to it is in falling for her trick. Her actions reason the initial arrangement to fail and the fox demon instantly escapes. However, she is eventually recorded by the two. The reality is revealed and also there was never ever a fox demon in the an initial place, but an unattractive woman that was disguising herself to fool civilization for their money.

Sui Feng and also Yao Guang return to the funding to report to your leader, Dong Ming, around the case and are given one more assignment regarding the fatality of critical official in the countryside. Sui Feng is wake up to pair up with Yao Guang again as result of her impulsive nature, but Dong Ming convinces that to take it her since he wants him to help guide her since she is still new to her job.

As Sui Feng and Yao Guang inspection the killing case, they target heads with a strange young man, Tai Sui, who appears to know just how to create illusions. Due to his strange abilities, they believe him to be involved in the killing case and decide to follow after him. After numerous instances of being saved by Tai Sui, Sui Feng and Yao Guang decide to occupational him to resolve the case, which leader them to a enlarge conspiracy 보다 they had initially thought…

And that it’s! i don’t want to damn too lot of it.


Tai Sui (太岁), Xu KeA young guy who is a experienced illusionist. After ~ his understand was unjustly killed, Tai Sui trained self to one day acquire revenge. He befriends Yao Guang and also Sui Feng and also helps them settle a case. After help the two, he is invited to join them in the till Department because of his one-of-a-kind abilities. Among his capability is that he has rapid healing powers.

Wu Yao Guang (武瑶光), Dai Lu WaAn impulsive girl who acts first before speaking. Due to the fact that of this, the leader of the till Department assigns she to work-related with Sui Feng so the she can get an ext experience. She comes from a armed forces family and also ran away from home due to the fact that of her father’s unfaithfulness to her mother. Her special capability is super strength.

Liu Sui Feng (柳随风), Zhang Yu JianA man who loves to be about beautiful women. He is a herbal flirt and romantic. But despite his flirtatious nature, he has actually keen observation an abilities and high knowledge that make him a great detective.

Kai Yang (开阳), Huang have the right to CanAnother member in the plough Department. She does not go out to investigate much and also usually remains behind to guard the leader of the till Department.


Overall ImpressionI i will not ~ lie. The drama isn’t as well impressive and is not outstanding. The high quality is just mediocre and also the plot is quite cliché, i m sorry is expected since this is most likely a low-budgeted online drama. Yet I do admit that ns am quite liking it. The refreshing to see a new cast take on lead roles. And, if the plot is no the many “original”, I’m always up for crime resolving dramas (especially those following in the historical periods).

One point that doesn’t seem to work-related for me so far are the 2 leads, Tai Sui and Yao Guang. I find their characters adorable and really cute and I have nothing against them. However I just wish the Zhang Yu Jian was the lead character because of his experience. Contrasted to him, the main leads’ exhilaration doesn’t seem come be great enough. So, it’s rather disappointing, yet I’m make the efforts to not let it ruin the drama because that me.

Anyway, what I perform like about the drama is that it’s about crimes, mysteries, conspiracies, and all that amazing stuff. And also I likewise like that each member has actually their own sort of distinct ability, which sounds pretty cool. Like, I favor that Yao Guang has super strength and also she is really tough and also has great fighting skills. Also though she’s supposed to be an impulsive and irrational character, i quite choose her. I am additionally very, an extremely interested in Kai Yang, who is the an additional female lead. Not lot is known about her yet, but I think she can be the love attention for Sui Feng, Zhang Yu Jian’s character. So, I’m yes, really looking front to seeing how their partnership develops. It’ll be interesting since Sui Feng is exceptionally flirty and loves come be roughly woman and Kai Yang is the opposite, as she is reserved and also quiet.

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I additionally quite like exactly how humorous this drama is. It’s absolutely a serious drama. It’s an ext light-hearted and really funny, which i enjoy. I find myself laughing a lot, especially when Sui Feng is gift sarcastic around Yao Guang’s personality and also abilities. It’s an extremely obvious the he finds she annoying, yet enjoyable at the same time. So, I favor that these 2 are always butting heads and arguing, yet still able to remain great friends and colleagues.

So, if you’re trying to find a light-hearted drama it is not as well serious, definitely check this one out. Ns going to continue to clock it because that fun. Hopefully, I’ll get to see much more of Kai Yang and also Sui Feng’s relationship!