even as you battle every single day v your weight and also your health, the diet and fitness sectors are pocketing billions of dollars in profits…
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Meet her Host...

Author, entrepreneur and also Wellness Warrior, Naomi Whittel traction from the many brilliant minds and cutting leaf science-backed study to lug you this critical potentially life transforming information about FAT!

Naomi takes a deep dive through these professionals to lastly answer all your questions about diet, weight, fat, health and your longevity v amazing brand-new science and research that"s changing the way we look in ~ our human bodies all the way down come the moving level.


For decades We"ve Been getting Fatter

Since the dawn that the industrial revolution and accessibility to abundant yet significantly unhealthy “fast” food… we"ve been getting fatter, aging an ext quickly and also just becoming downright sicker.

In fact, studies display a dramatic increase in weight problems from simply the beforehand 60s.

“From 23% weight problems in 1962, getting to 39.4% in 1997, 44.5% in 2004, 56.6% in 2007, and 63.8% (adults) and also 17% (children) in 2008. In 2010, the Centers for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported greater numbers once more, counting 65.7% that American adult as overweight, and also 17% the American children, and according come the CDC, 63% that teenage girls come to be overweight by period 11."


This brand new documentary series brings with each other over 50 top experts in the people to finally uncover WHY we keep getting fatter and unhealthier… and also WHAT we need to do to take earlier our health and future.

Discover The fact NOW Before cost-free Viewing duration Ends!

it is registered NOW and Learn The Truth around Fat

The genuine SKINNY top top FAT is PACKED with never before released information around your weight and also health!

The truth is… we"ve been so overloaded with mis-information, blatantly FALSE pseudo-science around our health and wellness for so long now it"s nearly impossible to reduced through the noise.

and also FAT is the key to unlocking it all


So, why execute we struggle so lot with our partnership with fat?

Simple… we just don"t recognize it. If you quit 10 civilization on the street ideal now and asked them their thoughts top top fat ns guarantee you"d get 10 completely different answers.

Nobody really seems to know:

Is fat an excellent for girlfriend or bad for you? Does eat fat… do you fatter? Is saturated fat the worst (or no so much?!) walk fat have helpful effects or perform we require to get rid of it every together? Is cholesterol good for you? exactly how does the human being body procedure fat?

Even nutritionists, fitness companies and the federal federal government can"t agree top top the truth around fat, however this emerging brand-new science takes every little thing we think we know, and turns that on that is head.

During this Exclusive human being Premiere the The actual Skinny top top Fat you"re walk to discover the remarkable science the Autophagy and also how the can assist you quickly and simply lose weight and also body-fat, acquire incredible energy and help reverse the ravages that aging on your body.

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You"ll likewise discover exactly how this precise same scientific research is helping people throughout the globe combat chronic disease, chronic pain and much more.

It"s your rotate to learn the truth. Sign up with Naomi and her team that amazing specialists today!