The Rookie Season 1 illustration 15 Review: Manhunt

I recognize it to be an intense moment since I discovered myself yelling at the display screen for Nolan come hurry up and use the man"s belt as a tourniquet.

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Nolan did that, but it didn"t help. 

As if Graham dying in the bushes with half his leg unable to do wasn"t distressing enough, finding out that he"d never had the courage to tell his friend, Beth, that he loved her while he had the possibility was downright tragic.

It was a lesson around regretting the possibilities not taken many of all. 


Sarah Shahi do a good addition as previous FBI hostage negotiator, Jessica Russo, and also her existence pushed the policemans to take new chances.

Not only am a pan of Shahi (Fairly Legal, human of Interest, Reverie), yet Russo came throughout as confident, smart, and fun.

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Jessica was quick to use strategies with which no every officer may have actually been comfortable, but she never flinched as soon as those tactics got questioned.

Officer Bradford: Predictive analytics.Jessica Russo: friend sound skeptical.Officer Bradford: No, Ma’am. I have just uncovered that the best way to record a criminal is to hit the streets.Jessica Russo: That’s due to the fact that you have no suffer doing it any kind of other way.

Of course, Nolan wasn"t questioning her. Having actually read her publication twice, he to be a small in awe. 

That brings united state to Caleb Jost, who Firefly fans may have actually recognized together Sean Maher. 

You"d think the being a previous investment banker act time because that securities fraud would make Caleb the least dangerous of the escaped fugitives, that is until you factor in that he little bit off someone"s nose! 


This guy bites turn off noses, i don’t want to gain surprised through him.

Officer Nolan

Anyone have the right to be a psychopath, and also that thought will probably keep me up at night.

At first, I wondered about why Nolan and Bishop didn"t just back off once Caleb wasn"t aware they to be there.

They might have waited till he"d re-cover his money and also tried to leaving to arrest him, yet I intend there was always the possibility that that would have actually killed the aunt prior to leaving the room. 

As much as I appreciated Nolan and Russo determining how best to manage Caleb and also figure out if he was a narcissist or suicidal, the best The Rookie quote come from Caleb"s quick interaction through Bishop together she leveled she gun ~ above his head.

Caleb: You don’t say much, execute you?Officer Bishop: If you kill that woman I’m going come shoot you in the face, a lot.Caleb: great to know.

Elsewhere, Bradford and Chen had their hands full as they tried to take it Marcos Gibson earlier into custody, the an obstacle being that his former gang want him dead.


I nearly didn"t blame Chen for asking whether sending Marcos the end of the house to fulfill his fate was an option.

No doubt, that gang of around 50 guys outside could have stormed the house and killed anyone inside.

Bradford"s solution is why I have actually such respect because that him since when you break through that cocky exterior, he important believes in himself and also the job.

Officer Bradford: We’re right here to serve and also protect. Us don’t obtain to pick who we serve or that we protect. Officer Chen: therefore you’re willing to dice for the guy.Officer Bradford: i am unwilling to let fear make me perform something I’ll it is in ashamed that in the irradiate of day.

There aren"t a lot of of world who would organize that line as an angry mob converged top top them.

But together Bradford said, he"s learned that being a part of the LAPD way that he"s never ever alone, and also he"s never outnumbered. 

Thankfully, this time he to be right. 

Officer West got an earful around how his father may have actually done service in the good old days of the LAPD. 

Could the guy be informing the truth about Commander West?

Considering it every took location in the 1990s, something is possible, however Jackson really needs to let that go.


Nolan"s sense of empathy doesn"t come for reading it in a book, not also Jessica"s.

It comes from being a generally great person who has actually lived a full life and an understanding that people deal with challenging times in different ways.

You stated there to be nothing in my past that argued that i could affix with world in high-stress situations. I mean, clearly negotiating through a self-destruction bomber is stressful but honestly, you require to try telling a solitary mother of four that her kitchen is delayed due to the fact that her tiles room on earlier order or convincing a financial institution to give you one extra week come come up with the mortgage.

Officer Nolan

Life is high-stress, it"s just how you handle it that renders all the difference.

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I wasn"t surprised as soon as Jessica gave Nolan she phone number however I am a tiny torn.

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I really like John and also Lucy together, yet if lock have chose that a relationship doesn"t work-related for them right now, climate there"s no factor why lock can"t explore other options.