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I think that a songShould be something an ext than a beautiful melodyTo phone call the story the truth and also realityI think the a song should be sung by a manWho to know the an interpretation of the sorrowAnd the definition of true loveI think the a song have to be shared amongst friendsThen as soon as friends are goneThe melody and meaning still lingers onIt speak of the great times, it's telling of the badTells of as soon as we're happy, and also when we're sadEverything girlfriend touch is a songYou touched my life one day(And then)All my burdens, they simply rolled away(They rolling away)You composed a tune that also the bees could humEverything girlfriend touch is a song(Oh five oh oh, everything)Everything you touch is a song(What i like around it)You touched my life one day(And then)All of mine burdens, they simply rolled every away(They rolled away)You composed a song that also the bees could humEverything friend touch is a song
Oh, You touch a bird(And that's a song)And that bird began to sing(Tweet, te, te, de, de)You went in the jungle and touch a lion(And that's a song)And oh, that lion started to roar(Roar)You touch a bell(And that's a song)That bell began to ring(Ring a ling)If girlfriend listen actual closeEverything thing in nature singsOh five oh five oh, everythingEverything friend touch is a songOh, most importantly You touched my lifeOh, I'm mighty thankful You come along and touched my lifeYou touched my lifeI didn't think I might lastBut along came Jesus and, ohHe just laid His whole hand on meYou touch my lifeYou girlfriend you you you youYou friend you youOh, ns wanna phone call the world that it to be YouYou touched my lifeYou girlfriend you girlfriend you friend you girlfriend you youYou girlfriend you friend you girlfriend youOh ho ho ho, You touch my lifeYou touched my lifeI to be sinking fast and I didn't think i was gonna lastBut along come Jesus and also turned my lifeYou touched my lifeMy mine my mine my mine my myAnd mine burdens they just rolled all away(They rolling away)Jesus, You wrote a tune that the robins might sing along

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Everything friend touch (Everything girlfriend touch)Everything you touch (Everything you touch)Is a songI think the a song should be miscellaneous more, oh