Trying to save up v what civilization are saying and also how they space saying it and what it all even means can be a little overwhelming.

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Just ask Webster.

Here’s a couple of examples to try to work into your vocabulary if you want to sit in ~ the cool table at lunch.

“On fleek” meaning on point, perfect.

As in “Girl….your eyebrows are amazing….they space so on fleek.”

“Obvi” definition short for obvious.

As in “Your hair looks incredible.”


“Humblebrag” meaning trying to sound like you aren’t yes, really all around yourself once the entire point of your statement is to point out exactly how awesome you are in conversation.

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As in “I think I require to gain a hobby. Ns just have too much time on mine hands and I’m therefore organized and it’s entirely embarrassing the my home is therefore perfect and picked up every the time.”

(Sounds like humblebrag to me).