All the dreams We've Dreamed

A Story the Hoops and also Handguns top top Chicago's West SideBy Rus Bradburd

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Chicago Review press (May 2018)Lawrence Hill books


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The deeply an individual story that Shawn Harrington, a star basketball coach that was paralyzed in a shooting in 2014, and the truth of pistol violence ~ above Chicago's West SideIn the Margins publication Award Winner Shawn Harrington went back to Marshall High college as an assistant coach years after appearing as a player in the iconic basketball documentary film Hoop Dreams. In January the 2014, Marshall's struggling team was around to boost after the addition of a charismatic but troubled player. Every little thing changed, however, as soon as two young men opened fireon Harrington's vehicle as that drove his daughter to school. Making use of his human body to shield her, Harrington was struck and paralyzed. The mistaken-identity shooting was adhered to by a series of events that had actually a devastating affect on Harrington and also Marshall's basketball family. End the following three years, together a shocking variety of players were murdered,it became evident that the dream the the video game providing a much better life had virtually dissolved.All the dreams We've Dreamedis a true story that courage, endurance, and friendship in among America's many violent neighborhoods.Author Rus Bradburd, who has actually an intimate forty-year partnership to Chicago basketball,tells Shawn's story with empathy and also care, trying out the linked tragedies of pistol violence, health care failure, gyeongju assumptions, struggling educational systems, corruption in athletics—and the expect that have the right to survive them all.


"With heart and verve, Rus Bradburd takes united state on this extraordinary trip of friendship, contrition, and also heroism, every in the confines of a storied basketball program on Chicago's West Side, every amid the persistent violence of the city. It's one compelling read." —Alex Kotlowitz, writer of There space No kids Here "Two decades after the movie Hoop Dreams, the stories unfolding in ~ Marshall High school are an ext important than ever before. Anyone interested in courage, stamina, education, race, health and wellness care, guns, or American culture will discover All the desires We've dreamed a riveting read. Shawn Harrington is an American hero, and his story demands to it is in heard." —Arne Duncan, previous US Secretary the Education, founder that C.R.E.D. "This unflinchingly moral work insinuates its way into the reader's psyche the way only good books can. Unforgettable."—Booklist
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Chicago aboriginal Rus Bradburd is the writer of 3 previous books: the brief story repertoire Make It, take it It; the controversial forty Minutes the Hell: The especially Life of Nolan Richardson; and his memoir around Ireland, Paddy top top the Hardwood. That coached basketball for fourteen periods at UTEP and new Mexico State. Rus and his wife, the award-winning poet Connie Voisine, live v their daughter in Chicago and brand-new Mexico.