Newly inducted into the Rock and Roll room of Fame, The Zombies might be the just act in the hallowed school whose biggest album was released after castle had damaged up. Record firm hesitance and also band squabbles hamstrung the relax of Odessey and also Oracle, but in the years due to the fact that it ultimately saw the light of day in 1968, it has actually been rightly known as a classic.

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Many world fixate top top the sound of the album, which finds a sweet spot in between psychedelic rock and also baroque pop. However the songwriting, split in between band members stick Argent and also Chris White, deserves serious credit together well. Argent to be responsible because that the album’s memorable hit single, “Time of The Season,” if White came v with “This will Be ours Year,” which has shown an ext endurance than numerous songs that the era that were big hits at the time.

“This will Be ours Year” revels in open-hearted positivity, v Argent’s sprightly piano serving together the driving musical force. But that positivity method more because of exactly how the song clues at darker time without apartment on them for really long. The feels prefer the couple at the heart of the song have actually earned this happiness.

White’s lyrics, sung through Colin Blunstone through both passionate anticipation of those to come and also subtle acknowledgement of what’s behind, room economical however striking. In the opened lines, the “warmth of her smile” is contrasted by the “darkness” the was freshly clouded the snapshot for this two. “You don’t need to worry, all her worried days room gone,” the narrator promises.

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In the bridge, he makes it clean that, in the past, he to be the one who necessary reassurance. “And i won’t forget the way you hosted me up once I to be done/ and I i will not ~ forget the way you said, ‘Darlin, i love you,’ you gave me confidence to go on.” having gone with the harder times, over there is nothing however blue skies ahead because that this pair: “Now we’re there and also we’ve only simply begun.”

More than many other songs, “This will Be our Year” leans heavily on the stamin of its refrain. It’s one point to say, “This will be ours year.” that the second component of the heat that gives the an initial so lot weight: “took a lengthy time to come.” Is it any type of wonder that this song has end up being a favorite, not just for human being getting collection to memory a new year, but likewise for those getting collection to embark top top a new life together a married couple?

In fact, White told people in 2017 around how the song continues to it is in a wedding staple. “I’ve actually sung it in ~ my son’s wedding, and at mine wife’s sister’s wedding as they walked under the aisle,” White said. “We met Graham Nash at the room of Fame, and he claimed his girlfriend wants ‘This will certainly Be our Year’ played at his wedding—and not one of his songs! He was lovely around that.”

TV soundtrack producers are all over the song as well, providing it significant placement in both mad Men and Marvelous Mrs. Maisel episodes. Together we dive right into 2019, it’s hard to think the a an ext heartwarming message than the one espoused through “This will certainly Be our Year.” The Zombies, basking in recognition that’s lengthy overdue, can definitely appreciate the sentiment.