The transformation has enjoyed the first two problems of Flash: Rebirth. Of course, I need to admit that this title has failed come live approximately my lofty expectations. Hopefully, Johns will certainly pick increase the pacing and deliver a riveting review with Flash: regeneration #3. Let’s do this review.

Creative TeamWriter: Geoff JohnsArtist: Ethan van Sciver

Story Rating: 6 Night Girls out of 10Art Rating: 9 Night Girls the end of 10Overall Rating: 7.5 Night Girls out of 10

Synopsis: We start with a step at Abra Kadabra’s lair. We emphasis on Abra Kadabra’s marionettes of Jay, Barry and Wally. Someone from turn off panel says “I warned you magician. There isn’t room in this century for both of us.” one more person from off panel says “AAARGGH!” we then hear “ABRA KADABRA!” A jet of flame bursts throughout the panel and also burns the marionette the Barry.

We slide end to the JSA brownstone through Liberty Belle (Jesse Chambers) stand in former of the statues of her parents, Johnny Quick and also Liberty Belle. Hourman beginning the room. Jesse wonders why they make a state of she parents together due to the fact that they to be separated for almost her whole life. Hourman comments the Johnny and Belle to be the quintessential pair of the every Star Squadron and that they wanted to capture the positive element of them.

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Jesse claims that she invested the an initial part of she career trying to be her dad as soon as she operated as Jesse Quick. Then as soon as she lost her accessibility to the speed Force, she make the efforts to it is in her mother as Liberty Belle. Jesse marvels what her father would certainly think that her currently being Liberty Belle because it was her father who increased her together a child.

Hourman replies the if Jesse gift Liberty Belle has carried her closer to her mom then that is a good thing. Suddenly, a bolt that lightning blasts the two statutes come pieces. A round of lightning crackles in front of Jesse. We check out Johnny rapid reach out and also say “My daughter, Barry. Please, every little thing you do. Don’t hurt mine daughter. Call Jesse i love her.” Jesse screams the end “Dad!”


Bart then races ~ above the scene. Barry thinks how Bart is his grandson. That Bart is proof that Barry is not essential here. Barry notes that since Bart feeling the tremor in the Speed force that Bart will certainly be as an effective as Wally. Bart asks if Max Mercury is quiet alive. Bart thought that it to be Max who returned and not Barry. Barry answers the he go not recognize if Max is tho alive.

We then watch Hal Jordan showing up with Iris. Barry states that Iris have to not it is in here. Jay says that the Speed pressure is part state of mind. Wally claims that the believed of Linda was enough for him come prevent shedding himself come the rate Force. The Linda to be Wally’s lightning rod. Wally claims that Barry needs his lightning rod.

Iris climate tells Barry the no issue how quick he ran, either through time or dimensions. That he constantly took a moment to be v his family. And to be with Iris.

We flashback to Barry and also Iris’ an initial date. Barry is late. Iris says that Barry is lucky the she waited because that him. Iris hands Barry a existing as an apology for how she acted as soon as they first met. Barry opens the box and also pulls out a red bow tie. (Dios mio. Again with the bow tie.) Iris says that not countless men deserve to pull off a bow tie. Iris then says that she thought that Barry would certainly look better in red.

We cut earlier to the current with Barry yelling for everyone to run. The lightning crackling roughly Barry blows increase the container. Barry says that that feels the Speed force reaching out for Jay, Wally and also Bart. That the Speed pressure wants them. Barry yells because that Hal to get him out of here. Hal develops a environment-friendly container around Barry and also flies him high right into the air. Wonder Woman and also Superman follow. Barry yells out that he loves Iris.

Barry climate blasts off leaving Superman eating his dust. Barry then begins to operation so fast that he operation backward with time. Barry watch his life re-play before him in reverse. Past his “death.” Then past him ending up being the Flash. Then previous the killing of his mother.

Barry keeps recall himself the as long as that remembers Iris that he will certainly be okay. The further ago in time Barry go the harder the is for him come remember Iris’ name. Finally, it gets to the point where Barry says “As lengthy as i remember…What’s her name? No. Don’t permit me forget it. Take it me, however don’t take that away native me, too! Please.”

Barry then races previous his own birth. Barry screams “What’s. Her. NAME?” Voices answer that her surname is Iris and also that Barry’s surname is Barry Allen. The voices tell Barry to say his name. Barry go so.

Suddenly, Johnny Quick and Max Mercury appear out the the Speed pressure vortex. Johnny states that Barry is the answer come the formula for speed and time the he states in bespeak to get his powers. Johnny grabs Barry and also says “My daughter, Barry. Please, everything you do. Don’t hurt my daughter. Call Jesse i love her. And tell Libby…tell my wife…I never stopped lacking her.”

Johns proceeds to perform plenty of fantastic character work. And the character work has definitely been the toughness of this title. Johns so plainly understands and loves every one of the personalities in the speed family and it really shows. Ns loved the short scene with Liberty Belle and Hourman. I am a pan of both characters and also I enjoyed how Johns wrote Jesse in this scene. Johns gives the leader such a wonderfully concise and insightful view right into Jesse’s character.

The character occupational with Barry, Jay, Wally and also Bart in the Fallville scene was well done. Johns proceeds to craft clearly defined personalities and also roles for each Flash. I appreciated how Johns contrasts how Wally has gained so lot older since Barry’s “death” when Jay has gotten so lot younger in the same expectancy of time.

Johns has Barry discuss how Wally fills up the flash uniform perfectly and looks prefer the Flash. This underscores the truth that Johns respects Wally’s character growth due to the fact that Barry’s “death” and has no desires to squash Wally’s personality in route to bringing Barry ago to the DCU.

Bart is properly tagged as the future because that the speed family. And Jay maintain the role as the patriarch the the speed family. Barry may be the “greatest” Flash, but Jay will always be the head that this family.

Then the complying with 16 pages of Flash: rebirth #3 continue to simply re-hash well worn ground native the previous 2 issues. That left just the last three pages the actually controlled to progress the story at all in any kind of sense or fashion. And also only 3 pages of yes, really plot progression in one problem is flat out unacceptable.

The recall scene v Barry, Iris and the bow tie was simply not necessary. Honestly, if I never ever see the damn bow tie again it will certainly be too soon. I did not mind the recall scenes in between Barry and Iris with the very first two issues. However, v this issue, the usefulness of this flashback scenes have actually largely operation their course.

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Johns proceeds to shot and develop up Wally and also Bart v the scene in Fallville. This is Johns’ continued effort to try and victory over Wally and Bart’s fan base. For the third straight issue, Johns has Barry exceptionally humble and fully playing down himself and his importance in the DCU. I understand this an approach of make the efforts to victory over Wally’s fans and also it was a wise strategy for the very first two issues. But, ns am officially over it v this third issue. Johns has actually made his allude already. Get over it. The is no longer essential or needed. That is time to move on.

The scene v Hal, Superman and also Wonder Woman and also then the race v Superman was yet an additional total re-hash. Johns provides us an ext of the exact same dialogue indigenous Barry about how the shouldn’t be alive. That it was a mistake and also dumb luck that he was brought earlier to life. That he no much longer serves any purpose in the modern-day DCU. Again, us have already gotten a huge helping of this dialogue and narration in the very first two issues. It is time to move on.

The four pages with Barry running back through his life was just an forgive to offer the reader Barry’s beginning one much more time. Again, this was just unnecessary. The first two problems gave the reader sufficient back-story on Barry that made this step nothing an ext than a time waster. It can have to be condensed down into two pages and also still excellent its task which was to introduce Reverse flash to the story.

My biggest problem with Flash: Rebirth, come this point, is the it has actually been lacking that special “it” factor that most of Johns’ large event titles have. There is a absence of that unique compelling storyline the hooks the reader and fully captivates their attention. Probably the appearance of turning back Flash at the end of this worry signals the this story is about to gain that “it” variable that will certainly make that a captivating read.

Overall: Flash: rebirth #3 to be an mean issue. It to be slow and extremely repetitious as Johns when again covers all all set worn ground indigenous the very first two issues. I need to admit that after three issues, Flash: Rebirth has failed to live up to my expectations. Maybe I collection my wishes too high offered the mix of my love for Barry Allen and also my respect for Johns’ righting ability.

At this point, I would not introduce Flash: rejuvenation to anyone exterior of hard-core speed fans. I just don’t think Johns has actually made the that interesting for new readers. If you desire a tightly written and exciting read then Flash: Rebirth might not be for you. However, if you love the Flash family members continuity and background then this is the title for you.