During the Prologue you are introduced to a map game dubbed Gwent. Come play Gwent you will have to collect cards to construct up your deck, yet you have an ext than one deck friend can select to pat with. On optimal of the decks over there are likewise some neutral cards that can be added to any deck you select to pat with.

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There are four decks in the main game and a 5th you can unlock if you get the Blood and also Wine DLC. You can likewise get some alternating versions that a few cards as soon as you have the mind of stone DLC.

The guide below lists every the cards you can discover for the each deck, and also how to collection them. Friend will likewise find some information around any abilities that each card may have. Hero cards room not influenced by any kind of card’s abillities.


Geralt’s distinct hero card deserve to be won by beating Thaler in a game of Gwent. You deserve to play Thaler after ~ finishing the “A fatal Plot” quest, yet if friend don’t play him directly away you will have to go come the the seven Cats Inn in Gustfields, Novigrad, to find him.


Th distinctive Ciri card have the right to only be winner from the Scoia’Tael Trader, who deserve to be found in the camp in the Novigrad Forest. You will certainly encounter this trader during the big City players quest.


As part of the “Playing Innkeeps” pursuit you will require to find Stjepan in ~ The Alchemy Inn, in Oxenfurt, Novigrad. Defeat Stjepan and you can win this hero card.


To obtain Triss’ card you will should defeat Lambert in a game of Gwent. You can uncover Lambert in ~ the i do not have anything Inn, in The Bits, Novigrad, as component of the “Old Friends” quest.


You deserve to win Vesimir’s map from Vimme Vivaldi, the dwarven banker discovered in Hierarch Square, Novigrad. You will certainly encounter Vivaldi as part of the “Big City Players” quest.

During the “A matter of Life and also Death” side pursuit you can complete in a Gwent tournament at the Vegelbud legacy in Gustfields, Novigrad. Friend will need to win the thrid round to obtain this card, however you can play each round as many times together you require until you win. This card likewise has the Commander’s Horn ability, which allows you to twin the toughness of every cards in a solitary row.

There space no set locations to discover this card. You will win it at random while playing various other Gwent players throughout the game. This card has actually the capacity to damage your opponents strongest nearby combat units, so lengthy as the total of teir near combat devices is ten or higher.

You will require to obtain this map from Shani during the “Hearts of Stone” DLC, or friend can discover it at the height of she clinic in Oxenfurt if you haven’t winner it from she yet. This card will include 1 to the stamin of every cards in the same row you ar it in.

You will need to defeat Aldert environment-friendly in a video game of Gwent to acquire this card. Friend can uncover Alswert in the White Orchard Inn in ~ the beginning of the game. However, if girlfriend don’t beat him before you leave White Orchard because that the very first time, friend will have to go to the Hanged Man’s Tree in Velen to discover him.

This card is an additional random card, therefore there are no fixed places you to find this one. Friend will should play as numerous Gwent players as you can and this card will certainly be winner at random.

This is an additional card that you can get from teh “Hearts of Stone” DLC. You must win this map from Robert Hilbert, throughout the “Open Sesame!” quest, in the Borsody Auction house in Oxenfurt. Once you play this map it will find any cards within you workdesk with the very same name and also play lock immediately.

This card also comes as component of the “Hearts of Stone” DLC and there room three to be found. One have the right to be bought from Dulla kh’Amanni in ~ the upper Mill in Brunwich. The other two can be bought from the seller at the circus close to Carsten.

This card is component of the “Hearts the Stone” DLC. You can discover this card in the barn, throughout the “Dead Man’s Party” quest, in Brunwich, Redania. Back this card has actually no strength, once removed native the battlefield it will summon the Bovine Defence Force.

This map comes as part of the “Hearts of Stone” DLC. That is not preserved in the deck, yet can be summoned throughout play as soon as the Cow map is eliminated from the battlefield.

There are 4 of this cards to eb found, 5 if you have teh “Hearts the Stone” DLC. One can be purchased from the Innkeep in ~ the Inn in ~ the Crossroads in Mudplough. The second can be bought native the Innkeep in Lindenvale. The third can it is in bought indigenous Marquise Serenityat the Passiflora in Novigrad. A fourth card have the right to be bought from Stjepan at The Alchemy in Oxenfurt. The critical one have the right to be bought from the vendor at the circus close to Carsten. Once this card is played it will twin the stamin of all devices in a solitary row.

You can discover three Decoy cards to add to your deck. The very first can it is in bought indigenous Elsa or Bram in White Orchard. Another can be bought indigenous the Quartermaster at the Crow’s Perch. And a third can be bought native the Innkeep in ~ the 7 Cats Inn. This card have the right to be play to replace any kind of card on your side of the battlefield, which permits you come return the card to her hand.

You deserve to collect 3 Scorch cards for her deck. The first can it is in purchased native the Innkeep at the Cunny of the Goose, Grassy Knoll. The 2nd can it is in bought from Jonas in ~ the brand-new Port Inn in Ard Skellig. And also the last one deserve to be bought from the Innkeep in ~ Urialla Harbor, an Skellig. Playing this map will eliminate the strongest cards top top the battlefield, but this may also include your own strongest cards.

You will start with 2 of this cards as part of your ase Deck, provided to you in ~ the start of the game. You have the right to win a 3rd one at random from various other Gwent football player throughout the game. Play this card will certainly remove an adverse weather affects.

You will start with two of these cards as component of her ase Deck, offered to you at the start of the game. You can win a third one at arbitrarily from various other Gwent football player throughout the game. When this card is played it will solve the stamin of every siege combat cards come 1, for both players.

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You will be given two of this cards immediately with her base deck. A 3rd one have the right to be winner at random while playing various other Gwent players around the map. This card need to be played v caution due to the fact that it will mitigate the stamin of every close combat cards come 1, even your own.

You will additionally start with two of this cards as part of your base deck in ~ the start of the game. You have the right to agin a 3rd at random, through playing various other Gwent players and defeating them. As soon as this map is play it will collection the strength of all ranged cards come 1, because that both players.

As part of the “Big City Players” pursuit you will encounter Sigismund Dijkstra in ~ his Bathouse in Novigrad. You can win this map if you loss him.

During the “Dangeour Games” search you will meet Earl. Later in the pursuit you will certainly come throughout him again at The gold Sturgeon in Novigrad. Right here you have the right to play him in ~ Gwent and defeat the to knife this card.